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Almost Genius: Lamp Pays Tribute To Incandescents

Autori Vari uses minimal design to try to evoke nostalgia for early incandescent lamps. Unfortunately, the design is too minimal.

Anyone sick of all the homages to the dying incandescent light bulb yet? No? Good! 'Cause here’s another one: 100WATTS, by the Italian design studio Autori Vari, "pays tribute to the first incandescent lamp by borrowing its main characteristic: simplicity."

So for 350 euros (about $455), you get a bare-bones iron armature and an exposed bulb designed to whisk you back to ye olden days when Thomas Edison was busy illuminating the world.

It’s a charming, minimalistic lamp. One problem: The exposed bulb is an unlovely fluorescent, not a warm, glowy incandescent. This is out of necessity (energy-inefficient incandescents are expected to be phased out starting later next year). In practice, then, all 100WATTS does is throw cold, hard light every which way, with nary a lamp shade to block the rays from turning everyone’s face into something out of Nosferatu. The design doesn’t so much "pay tribute to the first incandescent lamp" as pay tribute to the all-too-present-day fluorescent lamp. Doubt anyone’s going to light up over that.

[Images courtesy of Autori Vari]

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  • alexaugustus

    You know whats rad about this lamp? Some saaaaap is gonna pay for it and continue the cycle of “Quality over quantity” designs.

  • 04 Yam Fz6

    For that price I can make my own lamps, that would look better than that... FAIL.