Swanky Shelters To Keep Stray Cats Warm In The Winter

Gratuitous cat-itecture ahead!

Cat people, prepare to "awwwww" all over the place: Architects have designed cozy winter shelters for New York City’s stray felines.

The second annual Giving Shelter design competition asked architects to create paw prints, sorry, blueprints, for winter refuges that could save homeless outdoor cats from the season’s frosty temperatures. The competition drew marquee firms—including H3 Hardy Collaboration, FXFowle, and RMJM—who dreamed up everything from a futuristic pod made of cardboard rolls to a groovy hut covered in neon-red shag carpet (for the city’s wannabe mod kitties?).

[The winning design, by Co Adaptive and Kathryn Walton, includes a data-monitoring device that sends info to a base station, such as how long a cat stays in the shelter and how much it weighs. (This one looks like it could break the scale.)]

The shelters and proceeds went to the NYC Feral Cat Initiative, a program that uses humane, no-kill methods to reduce the feral-cat population.

[H3 Hardy Collaboration built this futuristic shelter out of cardboard rolls]
[A design by FXFowle]

[Images: happykiddo, Dana Edelson]

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  • Tkoczeniak

    Awesome! I LOVE NY! Will share with my fellow volunteers at Ohio Alley Cat Resources (OAR)!

  • Guest

    All shelters depicted here are insulated.  The yellow can is lined on the top, bottom, and sides with recycled denim insulation in an ultra-suede pillow case.  The R-value = 8, for all building-minded folks.  Each of the brown tubes in H3's design is filled with insulation, and the FXFowle design, too, provides for insulation within the tubes.  Architects are just as concerned with warmth as the cats are.

  • dramnesiac7

    Not sure why people on this thread are requesting shelters for homeless humans when this is a story specifically about feral cats...  There are plenty of wonderful organizations that are working hard to help the human homeless, but this particular organization is focused on cats.  It takes a lot of work to make changes in this world and sometimes the best way to do so is to focus your interests.  One organization is not going to fix all of the world's problems.  I'm thankful for all who were involved with this contest.  Animals cannot ask us for our help; they can only hope that we will be gracious and kind to them.

  • Linda Rolf

    My grandma made a cat house for my cat Blackie by nailing two solid wooden apple crates together.  There was a upside-down "U"  shaped entrance  on the upper box just where the edges came together with a rubber flap for a door.  The inside was filled with straw.  My cat was fine even though the Minneasota winters of the '70's.  In the summer he sat on top of it like a deck. 

  • Liblair

    These don't look overly warm, though I suppose they'll keep the cats out of the wind.  It's a shame that animals (and people as well, of course) have to be homeless in "the greatest country in the world" (yeah, right).

  • Tomi Tan

    It is great to know that there are people who put in the time and energy to try and keep the kitties warm! Thank you all for such wonderful work!

  • Peanut Butter

    There are plenty of homeless shelters throughout the 5 boroughs. Stop complaining. Kitties should have a refuge as well.

  • Irina Gevorgyan

    "How about shelters for all the homeless people too?"

    um.... cats are something different...their houses are different
    are different from humans... perhaps you understand what I mean...