Iris Van Herpen, Fashion’s Most Exciting Young Designer, To Get Solo Museum Show

Iris van Herpen, the Alexander McQueen of tech geeks, is set unveil her first big solo show at the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands.

The annoyingly young Dutch fashion designer has blown away everyone—us included—by fusing traditional couture and rapid-prototyping technologies in garments that are either clothes masquerading as sculptures or sculptures masquerading as clothes. (Gaga, needless to say, is a fan.)

And van Herpen hasn’t even been at it that long. She started her own label in 2007, just a year after graduating from school (and after interning at Alexander McQueen and elsewhere).

She’s been awfully prolific since—prolific enough to fill a museum exhibit, anyway—whipping up everything from shoes for United Nude to dresses that strutted down the runway at Paris’s ultra-exclusive Couture Show last year.

The exhibit opens in March, and it’ll give an overview of her career from 2008 to the present. More info on the museum’s website here.

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  • S.C.Huang

    without conceptual design you don't get a mass market version (well at least interesting looking one) the idea here is to go as far out as possible and pull back for the ready-to-wear.. if you've been following fashion for a while, this is not something new.

  • Jack

    Maybe it's just because I'm a guy, but seriously, what the hell is this crap? What's the point of designing something that people cant wear? I just don't get it. I'd say she's more of an art designer than a fashion designer.

  • Tracey

    For one so young, Iris has achieved so much ie. a prolific amount of work in a short time-frame. Amazing! That's all. Don't be a hater and use your real name 'Kp08sk'.

  • Kp08sk

    "  'The annoyingly young'  Dutch fashion designer"

    What does here age have anything to do with it?

    Being any older than her does not give you a right to think you are better or wiser than those younger than one's self.