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A Stylish Chair For The iPad Age Of Working While Lounging

Isola accommodates our gadgets without sacrificing good modern form.

As I write this, I’m sitting on a couch with my laptop balanced precariously on my legs—a position I’ve assumed to avoid sitting at a desk in an uncomfortable office chair. In an age in which we’re rarely without our gadgets, why hasn’t seating adapted to accommodate them? Early attempts to integrate tables have yielded modified Barcaloungers, but the Swedish trio Claesson Koivisto Rune has taken a different approach with its Isola, a generously proportioned seat yet slender seat that allows for both working and lazing around.

The beauty of Isola is in the details. Rather than looking like a grafted-on feature, the oval table extends from the base of the chair, which has an organic, curved shape reminiscent of Arne Jacobsen’s Swan.

Produced by the Italian furniture maker Tacchini, Isola made its debut today in Paris at Maison d’Objet.

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  • Tony Castrigno

    So perhaps the naysayers need to look at this another way...  this is far better than the business style cubicle and easier than balancing all your junk on your legs.

    Is it too wide ?  probably, and the work surface is too small -and only good for the right handed.  But it is a stylish and good idea that needs to be refined.

    A note to the manufacturer...  this is very hard to specify because of the scale.  it would be very hard to justify the resulting low capacity of a room or area.

    Good idea - too stylish for its own good. 

  • Paul Cypert

    I should have put a smiley to indicate sarcasm. I'm def an American and not a europhile. No one is "God's gift to earth"...all have faults.

    The chair just made me laugh, a giant space waster that's only good for one person... but with almost enough size to sit two normal sized people comfortably. Waste and bloat...even the most patriotic can surely admit we have that going on stateside :)

  • Paul Cypert

    So it's all about selfishly taking up lots of space and being isolated instead of accommodating others ....I guess the perfect chair for modern Americans...

  • guest

    How insightful Paul. Thanks for sharing! Tell me more about how all Europeans are God's gift to earth.

  • Social Impotence

     I'm fairly certain Ben Franklin would have also enjoyed this chair.

  • Paul Bunyar

    This would work great with my latest gadget -- a Moleskine Cahier Extra Large Squared Notebook.