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Simple Genius: Chocolates You Customize From Modular Parts


Modular systems are just plain smart, allowing you to tailor a design, change it around, and swap out individual components easily. So why not apply the principle to chocolate? Yes, chocolate. For her graduation project at ECAL, Elsa Lambinet collaborated with Swiss chocolatier Blondel to create customizable confections from interchangeable components—thereby realizing the fantasy of design-sensitive chocoholics everywhere.

Called "Sweet Play," the project uses three types of chocolate and a range of toppings and fillings: dark chocolate has place for fruit, milk chocolate features indentations for nuts, and the white chocolate can hold liquids. All three have slots for receiving fillings such as waters, nougat, and caramel. "Participants get to mix and match ingredients for hours and hours as they gorge themselves on custom confectionery goodness," writes Lambinet, whose presentation fittingly earned her a master’s degree in luxury.

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  • John Young

    Should be stackable as well. That way you combine a strawberry layer with a crunch layer etc in a module.

  • Marisa

    this would be amazing to have , i want. it would be great for a wine and dinning evening, and all sorts of gatherings! even better yet as some kind of gift! i think you should give this product a go, its a million dollar project idea. who doesn't love chocolate? better yet who doesn't love customizing chocolate? Fancy!

  • Tamara Christensen

    My 8 yo asked for chocolate molds for Christmas. He wants to be Willy Wonka (and  a Mythbuster) when he grows up. This would make a great kit (hint hint) for DIY chocolatiers of all ages!