Why Shouldn't A Parking Garage Be A Graphic Funhouse?

With a bright, geometric mural, Craig & Karl transform a drab parking garage into a gallery-worthy space.

When it comes to interiors, nothing is as traditionally drab and cold as a parking garage. There’s a reason why it’s the default setting for film directors looking to convey foreboding: garages are where people get grabbed, shot at, or straight-out whacked. (Even Herzog and de Meuron’s iconic lot at 1111 LIncoln Road in Miami hews to the standard doom-and-gloom aesthetic.) But there’s always an exception to the rule, and this is it: A car park in Sydney’s Darling Point decked out in a colorful geometric mural by Craig Redman and Karl Maier, known as Craig & Karl.

Playing off the angularity of the residential building, designed by Sydney-based firm Marsh Cashman Koolloos, the duo came up with a bold, eye-popping display of colorful geometric forms that are tied together by a winding, ribbonlike device leading from the driveway, through the space, and out to the garden. Though the walls were left largely blank to accommodate additional commissioned works of art, the installation feels and functions as a complete work in its own right. And the refreshingly cheery interior leaves no dark corners for lurking baddies.

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  • Danny K

    Love it! But I wonder how it would look like once used, and the tires leaving marks on the bright clean colors!

  • 222creative

    Great idea. I would love to see this same concept with concrete die. i think it would wear better and slightly more subtle to the eye. These images are so well lit, not dreary at all I've never seen parking structure look more lively. I want to have a party there.

  • thepseudozombie

    WOW! I can imagine a lot of alien vehicles being parked in these lots. Or even the Jetsons around the corner.

  • Bad Alex

    Elegant idea, without elegant execution. As people have said, design problems with actual parking spaces.

    Still, I'm all for more art, all the time.

  • Steve

    The only thing I can see against is optical issues with alignment, way-finding and depth perception, it would suck driving into a post you could not see or thought was 3m away.

  • padieg

    I would love to park my car there, but I feel that I would be lost as how to park it straight!

  • PS Clark

    Like the design, but as "Neburrows" states, it will look terrible after a few cars drive over it, especially with salt or snow (Canada). Maybe would be good for the walls and columns though.

  • empowered1

    How does one know where to park? There aren't any lines. People can barely park with them, let alone on a geometric maze! It's really cool and original though. I'd park in that garage.