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Madrid Launches 2020 Olympic Bid And Gets Gored For Laughable Logo

Wait, does that say "20020"?! Design FAAIL!

You think the London Olympics logo is bad? Pshaw. Check out what Madrid dug out of the ugly bag:

The logo was unveiled earlier this week to launch Madrid’s bid for the 2020 Olympics. One little problem: The bizarre, looping numbers make it look like the city is vying for the 20020 Olympics.

The Telegraph reports that "20020" is actually meant to represent the letter M for Madrid next to the number 20. (Fooled us!) As for the egg-shaped color blocks in the background: They’re supposed to be the Olympic rings tweaked to resemble the arches of the Puerta de Alcala, a neoclassical monument in Madrid. A nice touch, we guess. But even that got botched. The Olympic rings are blue, yellow, green, red, and black. These are blue, yellow, green, red, and, pink. No idea why.

Spaniards mocked the logo swiftly and savagely, with people on Twitter comparing it to everything from flip-flops to bishop mitres. The country’s largest daily newspaper polled readers on how much they liked the new logo. More than 80% said "not at all."

The logo was selected in a design competition and created by a 22-year-old graphic arts student named Luis Peiret. As the story goes, his original design plainly said "M20," but meddlesome officials came along and lobbed off the logo’s bottom edge, leaving the design disastre we see today.

Admittedly, these "pick me, pick me!" logos are never terribly good. (Remember Paris’s finger painting of a wordmark for 2012? No wonder London won the bid.) But c’mon. It’s not too much to ask that cities convey the correct year of the Games they want to host.

[Image: Aleksandar Todorovic/Shutterstock]

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  • Rees2100

    BAH! This is what happens when you have "design contests" instead of hiring (and PAYING) a legitimate design agency or individual to research and come up with a solution that really fits the needs of the company or event. 

  • ryoke

    Not surprised about the bull pic, 99 % of Americans residing in Madrid don´t know (or care to know) shit about Spain OR America tho they are all College Graduates ,(yes caps because that how it sounds when you hear it)I know,during the day I´m a street faire salesman and at night bartender more often than not city guide and luuuuuuuuuv to talk to people.It´s almost always this disappointing. BTW go Queens,go Queens spaghetti park! lol 

  • Dorian Richardson Black

    Fantastic connection between Bullfights and graphic design... WTF! 
    Im from Spain and honestly I'm getting tired of that topics. I hope if next you talk about my country home of Calatrava, Dali, Picasso, Mariscal, Novillo, Turegano among others you can use another of our incredible designs... i will try to do the same if i talk about California, but that is going to be hard to don't jump on topics like orange, hippies or radical governors... 

  • Juan Ángel

    Yep, this logo is definitely terrible. El Mundo, another Spanish newspaper, said it was cheap asking design students for it, but what worries me is how much money has been spent in spoiling this guy's idea -which wasn't that bad, in my opinion.

    btw, please, do not keep relating bulls with our country. I understand it's iconic, but most of us do not like 'em very much -actually I think it's quite shameful.

  • phuong

    Head should roll for dismembering the original design, if only Luis can sue them for this mess poor guy.

  • Ty Fairclough

    So i discovered this blog for everything over designed.

    However as with all olympic logos, there is always an uproar on how 'terrible' they are. I've had the pleasure of seeing various originals since the 1900s and I can tell you they all suck balls. No fancy words needed to desrcibe them, they just all suck sweaty nuts.

    As it goes, while the madrid attempt doesn't really qualify for good communication at least it looks good. Stop hating and just bear in mind if your asked to redesign an olympic logo for the world to see which ever way you cook it, its going to come out sucky.

  • My Mazurka

    The original logo he put together was SO MUCH BETTER. That's really a shame that they had to dig their fingers into it. Argh.

  • NoBullfight!

    Too bad opening this issue whit a image of bullfight. Could spend next 15 minutes talking on this and that, but I don´t really think this thread deserves that unless the bullfight image has been replaced and the author apologizes for such topical and uncreative usage of stock image.

  • Dorian Richardson Black

    complete agreed, I'm extremely surprise to see how a reference design publication like use a topic like the bullfight to represent Spain. M Labarre use the most awful law of yellow press. Back to the roots of sensationalism. 

    Btw the logo is not much better than the use of the main picture. Epic Fail 

  • Juan

    You HAD to put a fucking bullfight there, didn't you?.

    There's much more to Spain than the animal torture that only a minority of idiots here defend. Including, sadly, our new Culture Minister. Sorry, Cultural Industry Minister.

  • Phuong

    Well that's because thats what people mostly know Spain about, its the minority that really stand out. 

  • yodeverdad

    Que graciosa. Y que instruida, poniendo fotitos de toros. Eso demuestra lo mucho que sabe de España. Quizá debería buscar el logotipo original y contar cómo fue transformado después. 

    La cara de la redactora también es un crimen del diseño y nadie se lo dice. 

  • Courtney Cochran

    I actually saw "M20" in the logo. The logo may be horrible, but I don't think it comes across as a typo.

  • Simon Field

    This wasn't a high school competition was it?

    I was going to ask who the agency was, or whether someone did it in MS Word, but I doubt whoever did it will own up...

  • Ay Caramba

    MrFunnyJokes: That's made my day!

    Chybarra, I'm figuring the use of the matador (Spanish for killer) is a good metaphor for the logo designers… having had killed their reputations and hurt their pride with this atrocious half baked concept realisation. I design logos a fair bit, and funny as it sounds, I showcase every draft to my either my grandma, my neighbour, a colleague, a child or whoever can see it objectively, they're the ones who have the 'laymen' eyes that can pick up on something thats so obvious but cant be seen by the designer. Like the millions of us who see it here today and say 'oooooh noooo….'…though, I must say….for that to have gone through the scrutiny of a national competition, and win? There would be a whole bunch of people to blame in this instance, not just Luis …(the student!) A lesson learned the hard way hey? Hugs Luis, it'll get better, keep on truckin'.

    Next lesson? Don't take on board any of these methods:

    Ay! Ay! Ay! (Forehead slap!)