Photog Makes Forest Look Like An Alien Dreamscape

Daniil Korzhonov's haunting photographs of barren Crimean landscapes will make you wonder if the apocalypse hasn't already arrived.

Is it a nuclear holocaust? The after effects of a massive asteroid striking earth? Nah. Just Eastern Europe in the winter.

The photos are the work of Russia-based Daniil Korzhonov, who likes to tramp around the snow-flecked mountains and barren forests of the Ukrainian republic of Crimea, his Nikon D80 in hand. The soft-focus effect here, which makes some of the pictures look fake (like they were swiped from the set of yet another overproduced End Times blockbuster) is largely natural, Korzhonov tells us—just a product of bizarre weather.

"Mainly, my photos are taken in deep fog in the morning," he writes in an email. "Crimea is a small peninsula at the Black Sea. So clouds cover the mountains in the morning. And my mission is to harvest the rare moments of sun coming through the cold winter clouds." He does use some Photoshop ("a little bit of toning and color correction"), he says, but nothing unusual: "The heart [of the photographs] is the light in the scene."

[Images courtesy of Daniil Korzhonov; h/t to Designboom]

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  • Kurt

    Nice pics and article.. Can we avoid being an internet nazi please? Let writers write whatever they want.  Lots of smart ass in the real world lets try to trim them down in the cyber world.

  • stefan

     sorry to offend you, sir! evidently, your mission is to chase down anyone who dares to point out that WRITERS of all people should be expected to use proper words.

    of course, do eel free to say 'pics' and 'lets' ... you are not a writer, evidently.

    chill out, I am just annoyed by all these needless abbreviations - and yes, I do feel that I have a right to mention it.

  • Nnewton

    Reminds me of northern Ontario and Manitoba - Canadian shield territory - although, to be fair they have far more sunshine.