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Co.Design And Porsche Bring You The $20,000 Next Design Challenge

Think you can design something amazing inspired by the Porsche 911? If so, you might win a 911 for a year, or $20,000.

Design competitions are a dime a dozen, so it’s hard to create something that stands out and piques the creative interest of talented designers. But we think we’ve done just that. Today, with great enthusiasm, we’re announcing the Porsche Next Design Challenge. The winner stands to get a very nice prize indeed: A one-year lease on a brand-new Porsche 911, or a cash-equivalent of $20,000. The challenge for you: Design an object smaller than a living room and bigger than a purse, which references three design elements taken from Porsche 911s of the past or present. (But not a car!)

Your work will be judged by two design luminaries: Dror Benshetrit, who has created products for everyone from Cappellini to Target, and Jens Martin Skibsted, founder of Biomega and the designer behind Puma’s superb line of city bikes. (The third judge will be yours truly.)

Far from being a purely speculative contest, we’ll be giving finalists and outstanding entries a spotlight on our site—highlighting their process and ingenuity, and hopefully giving them more visibility. Each finalist will receive $1,500. You’ll see these posts roll-out throughout the spring, in the run-up to the deadline.

To get your process started, we created a slideshow of famous Porsche designs. And if you want to find out more about the contest, you can click here.

The deadline for entries is April 6, 2012. We can’t wait to see what you come up with. Good luck!

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  • José Corceiro

    I'm certain that this is the first competition without confrmation/update/news mail messages in my life!!

  • Alex Karasev

    I reached out via email/twitter and was told no confirmation emails automatically go out for submissions, so it's ok. (thanks Cliff!)

    On a separate note I also learned that three Porsche 911 inspired features is the minimum - if you have more that's totally fine. I was afraid my design mentioning / showing several additional 911 traits may risk disqualifying my entry, so I made special notes to consider those extras purely for context.

    With this clarification, rather than submitting a duplicate entry, I would simply like to ask the esteemed jury to please have everything of interest/value on my existing entry to be considered a part of the entry.

    Thank you!!
    Alexander Karasev

  • Alex Karasev

    I have just sent in my submission and see a "
    Your Submission has been Sent" message pop up on the web page - however I did not get any email confirmation even though I've triple-checked my email address was pasted correctly. Is there a way to confirm that my submission has made it?

    Alexander K 

  • Janet Erwin

    I guess we just have to assume they have, although we're all having the same anxiety. 

  • lars

    Yes...I'm reiterating what Nilla posted.  When the competition was first posted the parameters were between a "wallet and a living room".  Now above it states between "a purse and living room".  I do hope this will be adjusted.


  • Nilla

    Hi there... well I was just ready to submit when I read above that the design should be something bigger than a purse... but before (and still if you look at "click here") you said  "wallet" : "Your design has to be smaller than a living room but no smaller than a wallet." ... 

    I am going to submit anyway... hopefully "the wallet is the right parameter... great design competition.... : )

  • Stevec

    Will there be an email confirmation for the work we submit? I just entered and would like to know that the work was received.

  • I'm Frank

    Shame, just spent a great deal of time cracking on with a nice idea inspired by the old 911 only to find out it's US only - bah!

    What about the fact Porsche is German?! Why exclude us Europeans!!!

  • Maggie Weinberg

     , the Challenge is being judged on the following criteria: 1) Beauty (25%) 2) Function (25%) 3) Originality (25%) 4) Translation of inspiration of the Porsche brand (25%). Thanks. Maggie Weinberg, Fast Company Marketing Director 

  • Maggie Weinberg

    @Cesar I'm sorry but the Challenge is only open to legal residents of one of the 50 United States or District of Columbia. 

  • Cesar

    Hello, we are from IED, in Turin, with students from every where... no way to paticipate?

  • Portlnd102

    A couple questions are out there regarding files. Can we get an answer soon? The deadline is coming up.

  • Marco

    Hey Cliff,

    I legally live and study industrial design in the US. So I think I'm a resident but not a citizent of the USA. Can I participate?

  • Anonymous

    If I had a dollar for every person bitching in the comments I wouldnt even want the prize money.