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Yo Momma Jokes For Graphic Designers

Because you never know when you’ll need to insult a colleague’s work alongside the woman who raised them.

Some have claimed the "yo momma" (also known as "yo mama") joke has come and gone, its subtle deconstruction of the triad relationship between one’s mom, one’s mom’s personal aesthetic or intelligence, and one’s insulter having peaked some time in the early '90s.

At least two people disagree. One person is me. The other person is Ross Moody, the one-man design team at 55 Hi’s. And his "Yo Momma Is a Shitty Graphic Designer" printable pads feature the most new "yo momma" jokes since the cancellation of In Living Color.

Expect beauties like, "Yo momma is so ugly she broke clonestamp" and "Yo momma is so fat, every picture of her requires photomerge."

Now granted, to deploy said insults, your audience will need to:

1. Loosely understand the vernacular of the graphic design world (narrowing the billions of potential victims in the world to a group in the seven-figure range)

2. Still find yo momma jokes funny and/or hurtful (narrowing down the seven-figure field to pretty much just me and Ross Moody and maybe you?)

But hey! You never know when you’ll come across me or Ross Moody on the street. And printing off a few sheets to have in the ready will only cost you the paper and ink (plus an unspecified but large amount of personal pride).

Click here to get your own.

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  • duggulous

    Yo momma's so fat, you can only store her photo in .psb format.

    OH SNAP, I went there girlfriend.

  • desmon minor

    yo mamma such a slut i asked her what was for dinner and she said eat up.
    yo mamma so stupied she stared at a orange jucie catnair because it said consentrate.

  • desmon minor

    yo mamma such a slut she wet to the virgin islands and now they have to change their names.
    yo mamma so stupied she thought a quarterback was a refund
    yo mamma such a slut your birth suftificate is a aplogy letter from the condom factory.
    yo mamma so white she makes the pilsbury dough boy look mexican.
    yo mamma so fat after we got one having sex i rolled over twice and was still on the bicth.
    yo mamma like a shotgun 2 cocks she blows.
    yo mamma like a door nob everyone gets a turn.
    yo mamma like a hardware store 5 cents a scrue
    yo mamma such a slut every time she walks her pussy claps

  • Nodws

    Who ever wrote these "Jokes" should stick with his day job :D

    They are so lame, why not something like "yo momma is so poor she cant afford GIMP".

  • Kim

    Lorem ipsum is Latin, and difficult, so yo momma would be pretty smart if she could speak it.

  • SillyWabbit

     Lorem ipsum was a Latin text, that was then modified so as to be non-nonsensical, the fact that it isn't actually any form of spoken or written language would have been the preferred attack on the joke.  The assumption that only smart people can speak Latin on the other hand, would mean that the joke may have soared a little too high.