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A Rotating Rubber Stamp Makes Business Jargon Quick And Easy

All the phrases that make you cringe.

Look, someone’s gone and put all the annoying phrases you hear around the office on a single rotating rubber stamp. So now instead of wasting your breath the next time you default to such pat, empty expressions as "out of the box" and "paradigm shift" (hey, we’re all guilty of that one), you can stamp it out of your system. Got it? Are we on the same page? Good.

Buy your Office Speak stamp, complete with ink pad, for $12 here.

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  • Cory Roberts Design

    Great idea, now if they make one for editors/designers I'd be all over it.

    Stretched Image


    Make the logo Bigger

    Kern This


    This font choice is _______

  • Lia

    I think we need more 'work smarter not harder,' 'cross-functional teams' 'i love my own voice' etc. and of course, 'somebody's got a case of the mondays'

  • Lara Haehle

    That is pretty fabulous! But what would make it a must-have item for me is if it also contained some of the buzzwords from this genius article:

    I can't stop using some of this up-and-coming jargon, especially "Second Screening" and "Plussification."