Powerful Greenpeace Ads Pit David Vs. Huge Pollution Monsters

Sadly, it looks like David might lose this time around.

If a fast food chain once owned in part by McDonald’s can make us cry, then maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that a new campaign by Greenpeace—a well-intentioned group that can come off as both abrasive and extremist—can simply kick us in the gut with imagery.

Because when I look at these new ads by DraftFCB Switzerland, I don’t think about the mixed environmental implications of, say, Greenpeace rejecting all nuclear energy technology. In the gothic-industrial ink line drawings, I can only consider what Man has done wrong: built an infrastructure that is bigger and more devastating than he can control. And at least for a moment, I can’t find a single reason to disagree with their worldview.

But why are they so powerful? I can’t help but wonder if Greenpeace’s messaging was more honest than they intended, conveying that in the face of the global machine, the environmental movement finds itself hopelessly outgunned. We see, not a scrappy underdog fight, but an unavoidable slaughter in the making.

David never looked so small.

[Hat tip: Copyranter]

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  • Jenn

    Absolutely beautiful.

    Fantastic concept and execution. Lets not get caught up on Davids boat, oil, gas etc. are all okay in moderation, buy we've gone way beyond that.

  • Barrett Alexander Bodine

    ... I not supposed to notice his gas-powered prop engine?

  • Robert Coleman

    Actually David used a superior distance weapon to change the fight to his advantage. Although he appeared "hopelessly outgunned," in reality he won by taking away his opponent's advantage in size and strength. 

    These ads seem to be trying to achieve the same result. The "sling" in this case are the "hearts and minds" of the public. Everyone likes an underdog, and nobody likes a bully.

  • Karen Cooper

    You may be right in your final comments, though of course they are referencing the fight where David, against the odds, won. Since the verdict is not yet final, I am choosing hope, though at the emotional level, that hope is hard to sustain. And since any emotion is empty, or even false, without action, I am supporting those who make the attempt.

  • Guest

    So what does David's boat run on??? I mean I'm assuming he had to fill up on gasoline to drive out o the evil deep water drilling rig with his slingshot made from petroleum products.... Oh and I'm betting his little boat is also made fom the oil the evil rig is sucking up.

  • Tolly-23

    Well that's really the unspoken message underneath all the well-executed but naive idealistic message here. 

    This just comes across as literally and figuratively BLACK & WHITE. Go live in caves in the dark. And even then - oops! - your shoes are made out of petroleum-based products.   
    Rather than hyperbole, can we get an honest measured response about living a sensible, environmentally aware life? 

  • Guest2

     There's careful management of resources for the benefit of all, and then
    there's blatant, documented pillaging for the sole benefit of corporate
    profits. I think this "David" is lashing out against the latter.