The Brazilian magazine Mundo Estranho created a lively map of "The Greatest Curiosities of the Human Body" in 2008. Click here to view larger.

IEEE Spectrum charted missions to Mars throughout history to show that even though most missions fail, the success rate is "definitely improving" (2009). Click here to view larger.

This richly illustrated infographic in Mark, a Dutch design magazine, visualized stalled building projects around the world. Click here to view larger.

Nicholas Felton (now of Facebook Timeline) brought drab website traffic figures to life by using high-contrast colors and calling out specific media events. For in 2009. Click here to view larger.

A hand-drawn chart of Frank Zappa’s career by the always-brilliant Ward Shelley. Click here to view larger.

Condé Nast Portfolio (RIP) annotated the inner workings of a massive oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico (2009). Click here to view larger.

A remarkably non-creepy chart of how much your body parts are worth (UK Esquire, 2006). Click here to view larger.

A larky flowchart of what happens to people when they’re exposed to Dungeons & Dragons early in life (the New York Times, 2008). Click here to view larger.

The aforementioned chart of sound specters from sonar and whale songs (2010). Click here to view larger.

9 Of The World's Most Inspiring Infographics

Taschen is rolling out a book that collects some of the world’s best infographics. Here’s a taste.

We spend lots of time here at Co.Design hunting down the smartest and most creative infographics to feature daily, but we’re limited by what’s available on the web, what we have permission to publish, and what languages we (and you) can understand. Here to pick up where Infographic of the Day leaves off is Information Graphics (Taschen, April 2012), a 480-page doorstopper of a book that offers up a mind-boggling selection of infographics, many plucked from the furthest reaches of the media firmament. It has more than 400 examples, ranging from an illustration of stalled building projects in a Dutch design rag to a Nicholas Felton-designed chart of traffic to a map of sonar and whale songs courtesy of a Danish geological institute.

A flow-chart guide to Internet culture. Click to zoom.

Information Graphics is conceived as a primer of sorts—something "not just for graphics professionals, but for anyone interested in the history and practice of communicating visually"—so if you’re searching for a dense, theory-based approach to information display, you’re better off picking up some Ed Tufte. Still, the central theme here is one we never tire of (hell, we revisit it practically every day): Innovative visualizations have a way of carving compelling narratives out of all sorts of topics and data points, even something as monumentally dry as Nordic whale songs. Read more in our slideshow above.

Click to zoom.

Preorder Information Graphics here.

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