The iPad Of Air Purifiers: Controlled By Gestures

We’ve got video of the rad motion-sensitive interface.

For all the good work air purifiers do for allergy sufferers and asthmatics, they’ve got a common drawback: They’re eyesores—black, beige, and silver monoliths that stand out like 1990s-era stereo speakers. Not the case with Claesson Koivisto Rune’s new design, whose streamlined form and intuitive interface makes it the iPad of air purifiers.

Drawing from its background in architecture and furniture design, the Swedish studio approached the project with the intention of creating an object that would blend with its surroundings. That meant reducing the form to its barest essentials: a steel box with a motion-sensitive glass control on top. (It turns on and off with the swipe of a hand.) CKR provides some of the finer details:

The slightly elliptical form with rounded corners creates a fluent edge line and thus reduces the appearance in the room. The gap to the floor makes the unit appear to float and leaves the floor plane visually interrupted. Finally, the necessary grill patterns are morphing into the closed sides of the casing to blur the otherwise sharp contrast between open and closed.

Oh, and it also sucks contaminants out of the air with a HepSilent Plus air filter, which, according to Swedish manufacturer Blueair, removes "99.97% of all allergens, viruses, and other pollutants." CKR’s model comes in six colors, including soft pastels. Contact Blueair for more info.

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  • Air Purifiers

    dynamic design with only touching the hands to the device, it greatly facilitates the consumer, I think it would be a lot to love

  • Tobias

    The design is great. I am just worried that the grid will get very dirty quickly and might be hard to clean. We had a Dyson fan that had a similar grid and it was a nightmare. My wife called the Blueair dealer in the UK (  but they said the air cleaner will not be available in the UK until maybe later this year. :(   Does anyone know how much m3  the blueair sense moves per hour?  

  • Nicholas Masso

    The interface is pretty cool, but the aesthetics remind me more of a seagate external hard drive than anything else.