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The Anti-Apple PC: HP Creates Pop-Open Computer For Tinkerers

The all-in-one workstation snaps opens, so users can perform upgrades themselves.

Like most in the publishing industry, I’m an Apple chauvinist who wouldn’t trade her Mac for anything else besides another, fancier version of a Mac. But if I were a so-called power user, I might consider HP’s forthcoming Z1, an all-in-one workstation that—and here’s the awesome part—snaps open for easy hardware tweaks.

Expected to ship in April, the Z1 offers a 27-inch (diagonal) screen, a quad-core Intel Xeon processor (the only all-in-one to do so), NVIDIA Quadro graphics, as well as a choice of 160 GB or 300 GB of storage. The most impressive feature, however, is the ability to pop the hood and swap out parts: Users can add a hard drive, upgrade the memory, or access the graphics card—all without tools.

So all you computer-geek DIYers, knock yourselves out and feel free to think of me taking my place in line at the Genius Bar.

The Z1 starts at $1,899. More info here.

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  • methematician

    hehe,  have fun with nVidia ....didn't HP learn from the required settlement due to fucked up graphic cards 4 years ago ??

  • Mojolon1

    I think this computer is amazing and has a great potential  thanks to its flexibility being upgraded! The computer could very easily be repaired or upgraded to always run at its optimal potential with out the need of an industry to waste thousands of dollars to upgrade an entire fleet of PCs every 4 or 5 years. Congratulations HP!

  • VA

    Wow... lets keep it simple: HP just created an IMac, which could be upgraded like a normal desktop case. And it only took them a decade to understand what PC users want in comparison to Apple users. Then why is nobody really happy about? Because It is NOT giving you freedom of upgrading, all parts should be suitable for Z1 (bought from HP). I am having my workstation assembled in a cardboard case on top of my desktop, there is nothing more free and modular than that. 

  • Njhill

    Considering how rarely you're going to upgrade those parts seems a bit unnecessary.  Computer Geek diy'ers have no problem upgrading those parts now anyways.

  • Luke Phillips

    Would be great for the office, you could wander around and steal everyone's ram!

  • alfredoarriaga

    I've been working with 4k RED footage on my 15" MBP, never had to upgrade a thing.

  • Guest

     Elbow-to-elbow, shoulder-to-shoulder...  How close are they going to be now?