A Super-Fast Way To Upgrade Your Ikea Couch: Awesome Legs

Prettypegs offers a range of design-y feet expressly for the Swedish manufacturer’s most popular pieces.

One of the ways Ikea keeps its prices low is by eliminating the details. Aside from a few color choices, there’s little variation, which makes the Swedish manufacturer’s pieces immediately recognizable for what they are: budget-conscious starter furniture. Now, there’s a crop of companies specializing in sprucing up Ikea’s popular stock, among them Prettypegs, a Swedish outfit hawking stylish new legs for sofas and beds.

Ordering is a cinch, with a single-screen interface: Select your piece’s leg fitting from a drop-down menu, then choose from 11 styles (ranging from classic midcentury modern to playful contemporary) and eight bright colors. It’s astounding how much swapping out those wooden feet can do to transform a cookie-cutter sofa into a unique object. Think of Prettypegs as Christian Louboutin heels to Ikea’s Payless flats.

Prices range from approximately $104–$160 for a four-piece set. Shipping to the U.S. is an additional $25. And if you’re looking to perform a total overhaul, check out Bemz, which is chockfull of affordable upholstery options customized for Ikea furniture.

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