New Ferrari Museum Looks Like The Hood Of A Hot Car

Enzo Ferrari’s classic cars get the ultimate garage—a museum in Modena designed by Future Systems.

There was a time when Enzo Ferrari’s last name didn’t conjure up visions of the ultimate sleek-and-sexy sports car. The man came of age at the turn of the last century just as autos started to rev their engines, and competed as a driver and racing team manager for Alfa Romeo before starting his own manufacturing company and forever shaping the industry he adored. Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari, a new museum in his hometown of Modena, Italy, pays tribute to Ferrari’s fame with two complementary structures that nod to his humble past and impressive legacy.

London-based architectural firm Future Systems won an international competition to design the new building in 2004 with a curvaceous, swooping structure consistent with the studio’s signature style. After principal Jan Kaplický’s passing in 2009, the commission went to Future Systems alum Amanda Morgante and Shiro Studio, who completed the project according to Kaplický’s original plans. The striking "Modena yellow" aluminum roof sweeps across the red brick dotted skyline like a hood, or "bonnet," complete with incisions that evoke auto air intake vents. Here, those allow natural light into the 56,000-square-foot museum, which showcases classic models in an expansive, crisp-white setting. Just adjacent is a complete refurbishment of Ferrari’s early home and workshop, built by his father in the 1830s, where visitors can learn about the man behind the brand.

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  • Aaron Kittle

    Ferrari is also "Fly Yellow". Purists may tell you the "Fly" stands for Ferrari Light Yellow, but it's widely used in their design and is a traditional color for Ferrari Scuderia (racing division). Also, the Ferrari shield logo is primarily yellow.

  • Fabio Frignani

    Hi Gray! 

    Simply because yellow is the color symbol of Modena and this is why Ferrari logo is yellow. Red is the historical color of italian cars into the racing competitions (once upon a time every nation had his own color: UK-green, France-blue, Germany-silver, Italy-red...).
    If one day you'll visit Modena, you gotta visit two really special places: this Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari (located in Modena which is yellow because the museum of the man Enzo Ferrari born in Modena just into that old long house you see in picture above) and the Galleria Ferrari (located in Maranello, which is red because the museum of the Ferrari's factory).
    Last tip for you: 100mt away from this Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari there's Maserati's factory. Take a look there too, when you'll come here in Modena, trust me! ;)