Infographic That's An Animated GIF Explains Everything About Instagram

How could Instagram be worth $1 billion? Oh, right. We all used it.

Instagram was once just a quirky way to share photos. Then more people started using it. And tens of millions more. The uber simple UI combined with a touch of faux nostalgia stuck a chord with us, along with whatever overpriced dish we had for dinner last night. So this clever, interactive infographic isn't just informative—Instagram is really work $77 million per employee??—it's a victory lap for understated products everywhere.

Cheers, Instagram. It couldn't have happened to a nicer photo-social-filter-networking product. (Just please promise that you won't let Zuckerberg tell our moms about you.)



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  • Just editing your article...

    "Stuck" a chord with us? Struck. Instagram is really "work" $77 million per employee? "Worth"

  • Sales

    Sharing is the future, and due to mobile devices if you own a business, sharing is key to your business, and having mobilized content is what you want people to share. Instagram is just one modality of sharing and Facebook is also in a way... Do I like the way everything is shared on facebook and navigating the privacy features to keep things private? No. Do I like that the world is waking up to the truth through facebook because people are sharing and reading real journalism not distorted by mainstream media. Yes. Is facebook a worthwhile contribution to the world and serves a greater overall purpose if used to share and wake people up to the truth, yes. People are very nearsighted to say the least.

  • stefan

    I am glad to see other people commenting about the preposterous nature of this whole deal; a lame application (no, we did not "all use it"), bought for a beyond ridiculous amount of money by another even lamer  company.

    yes, facebook might be the fad of the day, but i would not be surprised if it quickly went the same way as its other similar predecessor (remember myspace, anyone?).

    that money could be spent so much better .... for other crazy things, like creating REAL jobs for example, or helping the communities that made them billionaires in the first place.

  • Creative Barcode

    Good point Stefan,
    Instagram - and the many others whose value is built of off others content and data, ought to either be directly remunerated in someway or as you say, a % donated to community projects or as SH in his comment says 'Haiti still has no fresh water.

    Put in that context the valuation does feel obscene .......

  • Creative Barcode

    Lets be clear Zuckerberg bought 30 million users and their 1 billion plus photo's - Instagram created the non-complex portal and the social media buzz that drove the millions of users to it. The users had fun and will continue to do so, but in reality Instagram sold data and content they neither paid for nor owned.

    Good on them and well done

  • Onoku

    You hit the nail on the head there. I had just downloaded Instagram the day before. I found out it was bought by Facebook and deleted it.

  • SH

    Really? Haiti has no fresh water and Z spends a billion dollars on this? Really depressing.

  • Tendai Marengereke

    it might seem like a stupid acquisition, but factor in that FB is used by many people all over the world, companies conduct business through it, people are employed through it. a portion of the economy relies upon its existence, Whilst you might think its silly it is an important part of the economic ecosystem. 

  • Onoku

     Is it Zuckerbergs responsibility to take care of the people of Haiti? What the Haitian people are going through is unfortunate to say the least, but Z is not the Haitian government, he is a business man and has a buck to make.

  • Boregardless

    Make a website so people can log items into it, post, look like an attention deprived teenager and sell for a billion.

    Sounds like a plan.

  • Peter

    I was just saying that Instagram takes the best pictures of food. You would swear half my friends are professional food photographers. When I first started posting albums on facebook of food phtotos people thought I was weird, now there is a app for that and FB bought it for a billion $.

  • artdrectr

    Cool. I'll get me a batch of instagram image filters and fire my food photographer & food stylist!