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Gokey: The Easiest Way To Store A Key When You Run

Industrial designers Francesca Passoni and Cristina Cook launch a Kickstarter campaign to fund a clever, key-stashing wristband.

You’d think with all the R&D that goes into athletic wear, someone somewhere would’ve invented a practical place for runners to store a key. True, lots of running shorts have small, built-in pockets nowadays, but they don’t always include a zipper, so to be safe, you end up stashing your keys somewhere else—in your fist, say, or your sock. I’ve even heard about women hiding keys in their sports bras, which just sounds… sweaty.

Chicago industrial designers Francesca Passoni and Cristina Cook have come up with a dead-simple solution: a wristband that exists solely to store a key. Made of sweat-proof silicone, Gokey secures a single key using the key itself as the locking mechanism. Slip the key in the slot, and the friction between the metal and the silicone creates a stable connection. For added security, the "go" logo doubles as a button.

The idea sprung from the designers’ own frustrations running and playing sports. "I used to stuff my key into my sock," Cook tells Co.Design. "Let me tell you, that is not the most comfortable solution. Nothing ever seems quite right. I personally hate running shorts so most of my shorts do not have the tiny pocket. The few times I have used one of those pockets, it has driven me crazy—the bouncing. I feel like it ruins my ability to meditate and instead just aggravates."

Cook and Passoni originally conceived Gokey as a running accessory but say it can be used for any activity, whether working out at the gym, biking, swimming, or walking your dog. It comes in three sizes and two colors, red and blue. One potential drawback: It only fits one key at a time, so those of us with multiple locks on our doors would need to purchase multiple bracelets. "It can stretch to fit two," Cook explains. "However, we have yet to stress-test a production sample to find out if that has any negative lasting effect."

Cook and Passoni hope to raise $10,000 on Kickstarter to put Gokey into production. To preorder a bracelet, pledge $15. The campaign ends May 14.

[Images courtesy of Francesca Passoni and Cristina Cook]

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  • Allison Fawcett

    Hey I ordered two of these but I never received them and you never responded to my email! Are you still in production? Please let me know! I thought these were such great gift ideas but I've been very frustrated not having them arrive for weeks. Please get back to me Gokey!

  • Guy

    Hmmm. What's wrong with just putting your lace through your key when you do up your shoe-laces!?

  • Kris Angell

    As an avid sailor and boater I can't tell you the number of times I heard about car keys falling into the water. Owing to the mischievous nature of boaters the keys were often not the only thing that ended up overboard. Having something waterproof, small and locked to your wrist would mean you wouldn't have to search the lake bed for your keys later on.

    Full disclosure, Francesca and Cristina are colleagues from the Institute of Design. Very proud of their work!

  • Lucasneumann

    Just tie it to your shoelaces, really. Or slip it into your iPod earphones cord. No need for one more plastic thing to carry our stuff around....

  • Jennifer Stewart

    I love this invention. It's totally made for me. I tied my key to my shoelaces and my shoelaces untied over and over again. Carried my key in my hand and got a one-sided neck cramp from the tension in my arm every time. Put my key in the pocket on my shorts and felt like the banging on my thigh was a form of Chinese water torture. Though putting the key in a watchband is a good call,  , I've found that anyone below the age of 25 doesn't own a watch, so the single purpose nature is probably justifiable plus it keeps the cost down. I'm totally pre-ordering.

  • Sam

    Yes,I agree with you. I am under the age of 25 and do not know anyone who owns a watch, unless they are a nurse.

  • Dan P

    Nifty idea, but.. the lady in the video has a band of silicone on her other wrist that also keeps time. Would it be that hard to stow the key in/on a watchband?

    Also, is just me, or is carrying the key in your hand not a big deal?

    I feel like Kickstarter is the new As-Seen-On-TV sometimes. :)