Andy Logan’s Alpina ski helmet, which echoes this beautiful 911 that featured in our original contest announcement.

Rainer Nackenhorst produced one of the more conceptually interesting entries: An artificial knee that echoes the 911's gear shifter.

Colin Roberts: "AND MY AXE!" Just kidding. Any LOTR fans out there?

Junggi Sung proposed a hairdryer that would actually sound like a 911.

Lars Huschke created a razor that resembles both the brake pedal and the interior door handle.

Lars Huschke created a razor that resembles both the brake pedal and the interior door handle.

A microhome by Timo Urala.

A chaise lounge by Adam Rowe.

Nicholas Partridge was one of the few entries that broke out of the contest’s conceit altogether. Instead, he proposed an app that would allow 365 other people to share his 911 for a day.

Alan Pepin created a lamp whose details were among the most precise in their references to the 911. Look at the echo of the windows…

…and the bell of the lamp, which resembles the 911's headlights. The ridges on the arm reference the brake pedals.

Ying Hern Pow created a streetlight that loosely resembles the Porsche 911's gas pedal.

Ying Hern Pow created a streetlight that loosely resembles the Porsche 911's gas pedal.

Jeremy Gates’s hardshell backpack.

Jeremy Gates’s hardshell backpack.

Announcing The Top 25 In Our Porsche Next Design Challenge (Part 1)

We think you’ll agree: The entries were really good. Here’s 12 of the top 25.

We couldn’t know that Ferdinand Porsche, the 911's designer, would pass away even as we were getting entries in our call for designs inspired by 911. But perhaps it was a fitting tribute that we got over 400 entries, picking out details of the 911 that you’d have to be a true fan to notice. His designs inspired a fervor that few designers ever have. As the AP reported when the latest 911 was introduced: "The new version was mobbed and groped when it was unveiled in September at the Frankfurt auto show. Showgoers left the doors and roof smeared with fingerprints as they scrambled for a chance to sit behind the wheel." All that, while remaining true to the lines and spirit that Porsche originally laid out. Ferdinand Porsche created a true design classic.

R.I.P. Ferdinand Porsche, 1935-2012. At work in 1968.

So I’ll admit that I was a bit terrified by the entire prospect of our Porsche Next Design Challenge. Initially, the plan was to have an invitational design competition: We’d invite only a few top designers whose work we trusted, and have them riff on products inspired by the 911. But that didn’t seem right. We figured: Who’d want to see a bunch of design hot shots get even more attention? It seemed a far better idea to engage you, our readers, and invite you to do the designing.

The only problem was that we had no idea what we’d get. Would the entries be embarrassing? Would there be anything good? It was a bit of a gamble. And one that I’m happy to say paid off, because the entries you guys submitted were superb. These ranged from a razor that looks like a Porsche’s gas pedal to a ski helmet inspired by the orange 911 pictured in our first post about the contest.

[caption]A razor that nods to the brake pedal and actuator, and the door handle of the 911.

So here they are: The first 12 of the Top 25. We’ll announce the rest next week, and as I type this, our panel of judges—Dror Benshetrit, Jens Martin Skibsted, and Grant Larson, Porsche’s current chief exterior designer—is combing over those entries, to determine a Top 7, which we will announce soon. (The slides you see above are presented in no particular order.) After that, entrants will get a chance to refine their designs and then we’ll announce a winner. (The Top 7 will each receive $1,500. The winner will get a one-year lease on a 911 or $20,000.) Thank you to everyone who entered, and thank you for reading! Enjoy the work above.

Click here for the rest of the Top 25!

Image of F.A. Porsche: Porsche via European Pressphoto Agency

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  • ibrahimSalih

    wow. i want that bike. but it is so nice i might only ride it in NYC or SF in the summertime

  • amuseamuse

    Some great designs in this and the other set. As a Porsche fan and as someone who did not enter the contest, I'm just delighted to see some great creative minds showing their stuff in a fun contest that does justice to Porsche design aesthetics. Do I agree with all 25 choices? No. Do I hope that the seven finalists will exclude the entries which were identified as not having been original designs for this contest? Sure. Do I care if a contest entry is bigger/smaller than a breadbox, if it speaks to the design language and the spirit of the competition? Heck no!

    Thanks for hosting this contest. I'll be on the lookout for the next phases, and for other great content from Co.DESIGN.


    Hey Cliff, 

    I didn't realize all of the designs picked would be so polished. I'm interested in learning what program the majority of these designers used so that I can learn it. Also, I'd like to get some feedback on my design. My name is Haris Fazlani and my email is haris.fazlani .com. Thanks!

  • Lsouza

    Hi Cliff
    I'm not one of the anonymous but I would like to hear your feedback about my design, the speaker tower based in the targa hoop, by Luiz Souza.

  • Cliff Kuang

    I can tell you one thing, based on the pages and pages of comments that follow: I have looked at the entries submitted by the non-anonymous commenters. And each and every one could be criticized on the same grounds that they're criticizing others for. I'll say that again: Every one could be criticized on the same grounds that they're criticizing others for. So are people really disappointed about the judging, or are they disappointed that they didn't get shortlisted? That's for them to consider, of course/
    Please, let's have an honest discussion about what people are actually reacting to. If they're disappointed that they didn't make the Top 25, I feel for them. And I appreciate their hard work. If they'd like to get feedback, then I encourage them to post their name so I can give feedback. 

  • Richard Anderson

    I have no idea if I was on a list or not. I am reacting to the incomplete reveal after waiting and the contest stated that 25 would be revealed on friday 13thl, I am reacting to the "rules" criteria. I am reacting to somethings that do not appear to have the 3 design elements. I am and will not be disappointed at non select if the rules were followed, but again it appears that previous works were rebranded/reused.

     Again my name is posted, I am just saying your contest said nothing in regards to deciding based on "polished", I recognize that once I saw the partial reveal that I needed to render a 3D "finished" project to compete because this obviously is about "eye candy" and not design.

    Then you sir, commented polish was a factor.

    Now, I highly doubt any amateur designer has a chance.

    I know my works met the 3 criterias. I did design from my mind the "shoes" though it was a rough drawing, I know that the "fuchs rim desk fan" was with 3 elements and rough, I know the "porsche 911 shaped golf clubs (driver and putter) were well within the design criteria... but as I said they all were rough and no I didnt build a real elaborate description because design should be self supporting. So there it is. You can display my unpolished works.

    A few people also jumped towards my post because of my comments, and this is fine...I expected to ellicit some responses

     re{ expensive 3D top shelf software... and I could go into an art school and use their ...TELL ME WHERE without being a student. 
    I also have people whom assume I was rich for having a porsche... well I am NOT. truth I have not worked for 2 years (unemployed Veteran who lost job from over 5 year continuous military deployment  of +5 years as a  activated mobilized reservist) 
    The cars were bought,inexpensively off of ebay and of which I repaired them myself one with total dash/electrical harness rewiring. and the other 2nd car knowing what to look for from experience with the first. My story is posted as referenced in a previous post.

    I don't ask for any sympathy re: unemployment, or extended duty, because NONE is needed. I do state that rules should always be followed otherwise you have anarchy. If I were runing a business, which I have done many times through my life and advertise one thing and do something you think my business will thrive. In fact I probably would lose some customers due to bad practice, or find lawsuits for non compliance with rules. What about a game at a casino, changes the rules after play has commenced?

     I fight for what I believe is right, offer solutions to rectify and I am NO COWARD.
    My name is is real. I am the real Mr. Anderson


  • Janet Erwin

    Cliff, what do you mean by the comments left by non-anonymous commenters? My actual name is Janet Erwin (if I could have chosen a name for myself it would have been more exotic, trust me!), and I am unaware that my comments have come across that way.

  • Guest

    Can someone also post the Official Rules again? I think that would help to see those again, I can't find a copy of them. 

  • 10102

    Cliff, are the sponsors of this design competition-- FastCo, Porsche, and Mansueto Ventures-- aware of how this is being run? How negative this looks for them and everyone involved? Do they know how the rules are being treated? Just curious... 

  • Cliff Kuang

    I've said it many times before: You guys aren't in a position to judge how well the rules were followed, as you haven't seen the entries with their write ups and full complement of pictures. 

    And I will say it again: If anyone thinks they didn't make the Top 25 because others broke the rules while they followed them, they're simply wrong. Every single entry we received was considered. That was the only fair way to do it, when so many people had so many different takes on what the competition was about.

    For anyone who is actually curious about their own entries, rather than just tearing down work that they only have 1 picture to judge from: I would encourage them to stop leaving anonymous comments. I'm happy to respond to people who'd like to know how their entries fared in the judging.

  • Guest

    Cliff, please answer these questions-- 

    So if I was not a US resident and still entered, could my entry still be considered? Because that was a rule, so could that be broken too? What if I designed a car that was considered a good design by the judges-- would that still be ok even though that was a rule too? 

    If it was ok to break rules could those ones be broken too?

  • Cliff Kuang

    I'll say it again (and again): This list was a shortlist of entries only. We thought hard about them, and will think even harder about those which make the Top 7. And the eventual winner.

  • josh

    People why are you so upset?  Because you put effort into a design and will not get paid for it monetarily or any other sort of recognition?  Or maybe because you didn't understand the brief since all you had was a rule sheet?  

    The only way to stop this nonsense is to stop participating.  Bad job by Co.Design.  And bad job for everyone who gave free spec work to company that should pay for it. 

  • Richard Anderson

    Cliff -Thank you for an intellegent reply, Now this is correct!! I applaud you for a proper exacting response . This is a contest, promoted by your magazine and a highly visible automotive manufacturer. This is where now a whole different element has been brought in.. porsche enthusiasts.

    design contest to win 1 year of 911 lease or 20,000.

    IT WAS NOT A "SPEC" or contract for employ.

    good article for a magazine... contracts, spec, entering or advancement in the design world

    maybe the meaning of inspiration...vs replication/plaguerism or reuse of previous works for different projects