The Real-Life Instagram Camera Is So Crazy That It Just Might Work

Who woulda thunk Instagram’s icon was hiding so many features all along?

WARNING: The following idea is extremely silly. But it’s one of those ideas that, while a bit obnoxious at first glance, has the potential to make you smile once, maybe even giggle. Before you know it, that idea is taking you out to drinks, calling for a second date, late night sexting you, and meeting your mother. While you’re not ready for marriage—heavens no—maybe you’d move in, and a tattoo of the idea is just as forever as diamonds, right?

The Socialmatic, by Antonio De Rosa—"Antonio De Rosa, born in Cava de’ Tirreni (SA), Italy, on December 22, 1975," he tells me—is an Instagram camera concept that, if you aren’t careful, will do everything in the above disclaimer (plus make babies with you). Its core idea is absurd—we’re talking about a dedicated camera for a service that made dedicated cameras obsolete, and a product with ergonomics based upon the human factors of an iOS icon—but what the Socialmatic lacks in sensibility is more than made up for in Urban Outfitters semi-ironic stocking stuffer chic.

Featuring an interchangeable lens and onboard printer, touch screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and a steel-banded, 2-D build, the Socialmatic feels like the gaudy, all-too-obvious cross between a Polaroid and an iPhone 4—and when you think about it, isn’t that pretty much exactly what Instagram set out to be?

As of now, the Socialmatic is only a concept. De Rosa writes us that "It needs a huge investment … it’s not a simply a product. Maybe Mr. Zuckenberg is reading something about it just now … :)" Then you realize, the "n" and the "r" are nowhere near one another on the keyboard, and the Socialmatic’s naive charm bores a little deeper into your consciousness.

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    are those actually invented??? cause there was a picture of a guy holding it... just wondering since I want one

  • Jake

    Good article, you really need to check your spelling and grammar though, it weakens the allure of the report.

  • Komihanam

    Instaggram and Polaroid combined is a combo destined for millions of dollars. And now that Facebook owns instaggram, I'm sure you would be able to upload edited photos instantly to Facebook and also print them out through the polaroid capability and put your best photos on your fridge. Great idea I hope they are manufactured, I would really enjoy one (so long as they do not break the bank).

  • Ikke

    Wont work. Look up polaroid pogo. Just ad the filters to that one and its the same thing.

  • Shane Guymon

    It's an interesting idea, and I'd love to play with one in real life, BUT unless it was SUPER cheap I would NEVER buy one. It's just not practical. Thats why I use my phone as my primary camera now. That's why I no longer develop photos, and also why I don't print photos.

    So unless it is priced at "Stocking stuffer" price I don't see this really working.

  • Snails & Guns

    Professionally we knew a long time that people love "nostalgica" - marketers have used this for years. Instagram comes along and creates this fake-polaroid app and capitalises on that big time. For that I respect them, professionally.

    Personally I don't like the whole concept of creating bad photographs to make them look nostalgic. In fact I was quite happy for nostalgic to stay within the realms of commercial advertising and am terribly annoyed that someone brought it into my private lives. Great. I can switch off an ad but to ignore friends is not something I want to do. I enjoy interacting with people - so feel like an "obliged-choice" to play along this fake polaroid game. Somewhat at least. (Remember: don't make any comments, stay calm and carry on). But then I'm not a typical follower... 

    On a personal level I therefore greatly do respect the sharing community they created. 

    Now they come up with the concept of connecting the virtual with the real... it  is something that many have tried, and many have failed. Only some succeeded (Facebook for example). 

    Their concept may very well be workable. And if so - say hello not only to a growing trend.. but to a new phenomena... 

    Greetings from a marketing guru. 

  • Kerenella96

    Genius. And about time..
     Not one person I know who wouldn't race to the stores to buy it!