And Now, At Last, The Winner In Our Porsche 911 Challenge Is...

"It had very little description, because it just explained itself. And I think that’s the mark of a good product," said Porsche designer Grant Larson.

When we announced our Porsche Next Design Challenge a few months ago, we were pretty nervous: We’d asked for designs inspired by the 911, and we had no idea what we’d get. Four hundred twenty-eight entries came in, and they turned out to be far better than we hoped for, and as proof you can simply look at the seven finalists in the competition, which ranged from Allen Zadeh’s ice yacht to Pablo Eduardo Charosky’s thoughtful, classy speaker system. But our judges, after five rounds of judging in the previous weeks, finally picked a winner: Junggi Sung, whose concept hair dryer would make a sound evoking the engine roar of a 911. Meanwhile, the people’s choice award, based on over 2,600 votes, went to Keigo Harada’s flashlight.

The judges decided fairly quickly on the winner, though it was a close call between Sung’s concept and the ski helmet created by Andy Logan. The judges loved the helmet itself but they were ultimately swayed by the deft concept behind the hair dryer: Not only was it well done, with a gear-shift schematic detail in the controls and an interesting on/off switch on the plug, it was the only entry we received that considered sound as an important part of the 911's identity. As Grant Larson, Porsche’s exterior designer, said, "I fell in love with it from day one because it’s so goofy and wacky—so simple and so pure and the way the cord comes out of the tube isn’t like anything else. It’s really well thought out. It had very little description, because it just explained itself. And I think that’s the mark of a good product." Jens Martin Skibsted, the founder of Biomega bikes and a cofounder of design firm KiBiSi, echoed that sentiment, saying, "It’s almost a poetic idea. What I like the most is that it’s smart from a brand-extension viewpoint." And Dror Benshetrit, founder of Studio Dror, appreciated the cleanliness of the design and the simple interactions.

And so, on behalf of the judges, I want to extend a hearty congratulations both to Junggi and the rest of the Top 7 in our competition: Keigo Harada, Andy Logan, Allen Zadeh, Timo Urala, Pablo Eduardo Charosky, and Guy Ceder. They all graced us with great work and made the decision hard. Finally, I want to thank everyone who entered and supported us throughout. We didn’t know how everything would turn out, but we’ve been blown away by the talent on display. And thanks to all of our readers for voting on their favorite.

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  • James Chen

    Congratulations Junggi on your win, the judges are completely right when they mention the design's simplicity and clean lines as well as its straightforwardness, this hairdryer - much like the Porsche 911 doesn't need to explain itself to be taken seriously nor does it need bells and whistles to attract attention from the competition.

    That being said congratulations to everyone else who have submitted and have taken part in this competition and yes much like everyone else Junggi, did you take the car or the cash?

  • Patisan

    I just wanna know which prize he took, the car or the money??
    I'm very curious.

  • JL

    A hair dryer that makes a sound like a car is poetic? And the winning piece is a design that previously existed and simply had some porsche details slapped on it? You people have got to be kidding me, this whole competition has been a joke.

  • Janet Erwin

    It's a breakthrough. It will surpass the Sunbeam 1500 in its ability to produce more noise than air output, which is what practicality and efficiency are all about.

  • Junggi Sung


    I made many foam core mock-ups before 3D
    modeling and build 3 different FDM prototypes. I think this final design’s size
    and angle should be work for me. And after Judges told feedback I tried to add
    some different material for detail. If you live in San Francisco I can show you.
    Just let me know.

  • Janet Erwin

    Junggi, congratulations, and I sincerely hope that you do not think the comments regarding your win are directed at you personally. Your talents as an industrial designer are not in dispute. Your skill and insight are admirable. Regarding the contest, however, it is valid for entrants to question the process, as several stages of the contest proceeded in a way that was surprising. Despite the fact that I am proud of my entry, and I am confident in its relevance, I acknowledge that my entry would not have held up against the final 25, much less the final 7, which is why I will not validate the "sore loser" rationale for entrants' concerns. Regardless, Junggi, you should be proud of your win. I hope that the concerns some of us voiced about that will not tarnish your celebration.

  • Junggi Sung

    This is Junggi Sung.

    I am really honored for this prize.

    And thank you for judges
    comments and many others…


    I think someone need my


    This is original my
    design and I added Porsche identity in my original design for only this Porsche
    Design Competition. That means originality still in mine and I never
    participated any other product design competition. I think that is enough for
    summit design competition. Yes. You can check my original design at my
    personal website. That is very personal my project not commercial and that has
    very pure form, no detail and different concept.


    Actually I am working
    around 10 years as an industrial designer at LUNAR, IDEO and LG. I have many
    experience about design competitions. I think I am in this Porsche
    Design Competition’s official rule.

    Please check


    1. This is original
    Junggi’s design

    2. This is not in
    production at this time

    3. This is the first
    product design competition that this Junggi’s Hair dryer design was

    4. I never open same
    Junggi’s hair dryer design concept

    5. This is designed only
    for this Porsche Design Competition

    6. This is smaller
    than a living room but bigger than a wallet and must have three design details
    that echo three details from a Porsche 911 design.



    If need more information about that just
    leave your email address. I can reply.


    Thanks again.

    I really happy for sharing these things.

  • 1054

    Hi Junggi. All valid points you have here. But here is one that you are missing... Using a project like this gave you a very unfair advantage against the other entrants who started their projects from scratch. You already had 3d models constructed and ready to go, and all that was needed from you was minor tweaks. Other entrants had to start their projects from nothing and complete it in the same amount of time, same deadline. I just don't think that is very fair practice. By using this existing project you basically had a huge head start against everyone else.

  • 1054

    Yup... Just look at it here... Type in the below address (with no spaces obviously)

    Disappointing huh....

  • A17tw00

    If this is what Porsche thinks is good design, and a logical brand extension, make sure you never buy a Porsche!

  • 1054

    Congrats to Porsche and Fast Co. for letting this project not only slip through to the top 25 and then top 7, but ultimately win the grand prize!! This project was designed years ago and merely retro-fitted for this contest. This was pointed out to you by multiple readers and you said you would take this into consideration. It's so great to see that you obviously did. Just disappointed to see a project that was not designed specifically for this contest win this prize. Many of the other projects were much more original.

  • 1054

    Thanks for your response Cliff. I think we all understand that the judges opinions are their own. That's just part of entering a contest like this. Totally understandable. But I also think that the judges should at least take into consideration how selecting a project like this as the winner will leave a sour taste in a lot of other entrants' mouths, especially if Fastco or Porsche were to host another contest. It just doesn't leave a good impression on the contest currently or for the future.

  • Cliff Kuang

    Guys, I'm sorry you don't like it, but this point was considered by the judges, and regardless, they thought this was the best project out of them all. I'm impressed by the passion you all have, but the judges opinions were ultimately their own.

  • tooma

    not impressed. have you thought of ergonomics of the winning proposal? right now it looks like the angle between the handle and nozzle would be too small. and power switch in the plug? In how many bathrooms could this be used properly?!?

  • Brian

    Wow, of all the great designs, the blow dryer evokes the soul of Porsche?  Fell pretty flat here, better luck next time - hopefully there will be one.  At least the contest was cool, even if the winner wasn't.