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A Bike Rack That Relies On Basic Physics, Not Screws, To Stay Steady

Delta Cycle’s Michelangelo holds two bicycles by just leaning against a wall.

One of the biggest trials of riding a bike in the city: Once you’ve managed to dodge every sideswiping cabbie, you’re faced with where to store your ride. Park it outside and you may not see it again. But most bike racks require boring holes into a wall. Delta Cycle’s Michelangelo Two-Bike Gravity Storage Rack is one of the most elegant—and foolproof—solutions we’ve seen: a freestanding rack that supports the weight of two bikes while simply leaning against the wall.

The structure owes its stability to the basic physics of its curved legs; the more weight they hold (up to the maximum load of 80 pounds), the steadier they are. The stand comes with two sets of hooks for a pair of bikes (watch the video to see the easy-peasy setup) and two small utility hooks for accessories. Rubber bumpers attached to the powder-coated steel body protect the wall and floor from marks and scratches. The installation requires just a few minutes—shorter than it takes to school an oblivious taxi driver on the difference between car and bike lanes.

Buy Michelangelo for $79.99 here.

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  • KKwan

    I've owed this bike rack for 5 years and it's been very effective. It's never fallen over or dropped the bikes. It's lived in my office and now inside a shed. Only complaint is the rubber on the hooks that hold the bikes has cracked where the bike frame sits. 

  • realistic

    and if you bump in to or knock the´re fucked. I´ll stick with a mix of good design and good ol´b fashioned scews

  • Colin

    I bought this and returned it because it was unstable, had trouble holding a weighty steel bike in the upper rungs, and would not accommodate my mtn bike frame.