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Infographic: A Map Of America's 1,000 Breweries

If this is what patriotism feels like, a round on me.

Beer is in a renaissance, and the craft brew scene has become sophisticated enough to wedge its way onto wine lists of even the finest restaurants. And while I mean no offense to a patriot like Samuel Adams, for the average U.S. citizen, it’s the first time in our nation’s history that we don’t need to champion imports over the beer we’re brewing in our backyards.

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To celebrate, Pop Chart Lab has created this limited edition print of the 1,000(ish) breweries in the U.S. And as elegant as this 39" x 27" archival print may look now, the work behind it was tremendous, and the first draft was filled with oversight.

"We spent a solid four weeks compiling and charting the data only to discover upon launching the product that due to a misunderstood filter in our process we actually excluded a ton of famous breweries. It was
kinda crushing to see the flood of emails, tweets, and comments pointing out omissions like Stone, Three Floyds, and other giants of the craft brew scene," Pop Chart Labs tells us. They should note, especially, that Three Floyds and Stone may be this writer’s two favorite breweries. "But the feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and the hopheads of the Internet were incredibly helpful in pointing out breweries that needed to be added to the print. So we pulled the file back from the printer, pulled an all-nighter, and got the changes made. We always hope that our charts serve a passionate audience, and in this case beer fans did not disappoint."

The team also had to overcome a very practical limitation in designing the map. Some cities have thriving brew scenes that outpace the map’s real estate. How could they fit each brewery’s name in such a condensed space? "Because breweries cluster in certain ‘beervanas’ like Portland, we decided to use insets to show detail," the team explains. "The insets also worked to cover up those sad areas of the country without breweries."

Eventually, Pop Chart Lab ended up with the print you see here, a glorious map of America’s most sudsy accomplishments. If there was ever an allegation to be made that God really has blessed America, you’re looking right at it.

Buy the print here.

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  • Mail

    Alright, alright. Of course the US has MANY more than 1000 breweries, especially if all craft breweries would be included. But come on, it is still cool, right?

  • Josh Patrice

    Noting Portland as a beervana and then leaving out over half of the breweries is a bit disappointing.

    Pretty much all of Oregon is a brewery. This is a great idea - I just wish it were somewhere close to accurate.

  • Josh Patrice

    0 in Fairbanks?! I've been to a couple in Fairbanks ... or was it all a dream?

  • Thomas

    Hey, you forgot one of the best Brew Pubs / Breweries in America and one of the "class of 1988"! Where's Gritty's McDuff's?! We make amazing beer, are Maine's original brew pub and are an institution in New England and in the brewing community.  The original location is in Portland, Maine and we have a brewery and brew pubs in Freeport and Auburn Maine too! 

  • Otto Rascon

     This post about beer and design just made my day - nay, my week. Thanks for posting.

  • adroyt

    I won't be a bubble popper (I appreciate a good head as much as the next quaffer) but there are still many brewery omissions, despite the unfiltered all-nighter! I DO however salute the well-intentions, the valiant effort, and the craft brewers of America, with a raised glass of my favorite pint, an Extra Special Bitter by McNeill's Brewery of Brattleboro, Vermont. I'll proudly mention in passing that our small state has the most breweries per capita in the Union - ay, we're a happy (if besotted) bunch.

  • Stijn Vernaillen

    If there was ever an allegation to be made that God really has blessed America, you’re looking right at it."

    If number of breweries per square mile is an indication of Gods blessing then Belgium is the most blessed country of them all... (At least 292 so 1brewery for every 40sq miles) and that including the biggest one (AB InBev). But happy to see that the USA is also getting back into the better beers.

  • meta

    EXACTLY! there are definitely a few missing--not only that why do "big" cities with less beers get the insets?! A for effort though.

  • Weslie James

    Of all the infographics that I've seen and loved on FastCompany, this one is by far the worse. How can you have these magnified sections and not have St. Louis, perhaps the brewing capital of the U.S.? You can't throw a rock without hitting a brewery. 

  • Carl Alviani

    Could be worse. Portland metro has over 50 breweries. Only 18 are listed here.

  • Tim Anderson

    Very cool! However, I have noticed a few more oversights, and I am sure there are others out there that can point out even more.

    They missed Otto's in State College, PA - albeit a smaller local brewery. Also they missed Fat Head's outside of Cleveland, OH. Fat Head's, though, has won many medals at several national beer festivals over the past few years and probably should be included.