This Is What The iPad Looks Like When Deep-Fried

Mmmmmmm, zap!

Here’s something that never gets old on the Internet: People deep-frying their gadgets. First this Japanese kid tried to fry, then eat, his portable PlayStation. Now Henry Hargreaves, our favorite wannabe Damien Hirst, has shown the world what iStuff (and some other devices) would look like suspended in a thick, crackly crust of fat. Nom!

Horrified? Well, don’t be. And no matter what, don’t do what we did when we first glimpsed the photos and try to calculate precisely how much money Hargreaves threw down the toilet just to draw the rather obvious parallel between the disposability of gadgets and that of fast food. (Our guess, for the record: a cool $2,500).

Fact is, no iPads or iPhones were harmed in the making of this series. "I’m not rich enough to buy and destroy the electronics, nor did I want to find out what happens to a lithium battery when it goes in 400 degrees F oil," Hargreaves says, "so I recreated each product from foam core and we went to town on them." Could’ve fooled us. If not for the unusually pristine state of the MacBook—which can barely survive a coffee spill let alone a deep fryer—we never would’ve guessed that they’re fakes.

Now somebody get us a napkin. Suddenly, we have a hankering for some iPhone-flavored pork rinds.

[Images courtesy of Henry Hargreaves; h/t Cool Hunting]

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  • seo tech

    A new York Arist by the name of Henry Hargreaves has recently unveiled a new installation appropriately dubbed Deep Fried Gadgets, featuring an iPhone and iPad coated in greasy goodness.

  • Jimbo

    You didn't spot it was fake? There's still icons on the screens! Those things wouldn't even switch on after being fried.

    For me the point is lost in not using the real thing; is that not part of the shock value that would make this?

  • Ted

    What a waste of an article. So now we're wasting time on teaser, "might have been" articles.

  • Wildeboer1975

    I almost cried, neat little exercise. The images certainly are a bit provocative, the dell power cord is driving my crazy though. . .

  • Mark Rojas

    I was about to cry if those were real.Here I am with an out of date laptop when people are just deep frying their new high priced gizmos. "Only In America"

  • Audreydangerously

    This is one of the most boring photo series' ever. Why does 'design' often have to be so laughably bourgeois? 

  • Neil Sardesai

    I think the still functioning screen should've been an obvious red flag.