These Lamps And Sockets Celebrate Electricity

Interioricity brings the power source out from behind your wall.

Cords are absolutely everywhere: curling out from wall sockets all over the house, charging gadgets, and, for the most part, getting in the way. Most modern products are engineered to provide a discreet connection to a jack, but Jasmin Kastner and Marc Joschko, the design duo behind Coburg, Germany-based Zwei21, have created a retro-futuristic-style collection of copper fixtures that pull the power source into the spotlight.

“Electricity is invisible, intangible, fascinating, and almost magical,” Kastner tells Co.Design. “We are dependent on it--can hardly can survive without it--but our relationship with it is ambivalent.” The reality is that we’re just continually sucking resources, but this is increasingly tempered by a strong shift towards devices that consume utilities more responsibly and efficiently; as such, Kastner and Joschko felt it was time to truly “celebrate electricity.” Their Interioricity line features a series of interchangeable elements--a metal-framed LED lamp and long, textile-cabled plugs--that can be bundled together in groups of one, two, or three and then installed as a unit; quite possibly the most stylish extension cord upgrade your house will ever see.

(H/T MoCo Loco)

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