The Pocket Watch, Reborn For The "Instagram Generation"

Mathieu Lehanneur’s Take Time rubberized watch can be worn three ways.

The clock function on smartphones has made wristwatches less about keeping time and more about expressing personal style. But as Mathieu Lehanneur proves with his new design for Lexon, the old watch, when given a new band, can be reinvented as a versatile accessory.

Billed as an analog watch for the "Instagram generation," the French designer’s Take Time can be worn around the wrist as well as attached to a bag or belt loop using its long pocket-watch-like strap. I suspect that the design will appeal more to teens and tweens than the nostalgia-minded Instagram set, who might be more tempted by Dieter Rams’s DW30 than a rubberized timepiece. Regardless, there’s an inspiring thought process here: By reappropriating an outmoded invention—the mechanical pocket watch—Lehanneur may have salvaged the usefulness of a timepiece.

Take Time will be available at Lexon’s pop-up store during Paris Furniture Week in September. Contact Lexon for more details.

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  • Jenniferlfee

    Teachers still wear watches! You can't get your phone out at the front of the class and the clock is usually wrong!

    I love the watch though :)

  • michaelmousedisqus

    looks like Mathieu used a condom for the frame....just saying......

    gives new meaning to "do you have the time".....just saying......

  • Alexis Daniels

    when given a new band, can be reinvented as a versatile

  • t3d

    Since Instagram is less than 2 years old I guess the Instagram Generation are babies?

  • bar

    Is the Instagram generation the same as the Favebook generation? Or is that a different animal?

  • Fernando Menéndez H.

    For the Instagram generation? Really? I'm sure I saw something quite similar to this back in the 1980s.

  • Marc Phillips

    I was thinking the same thing...I wear a wristwatch for style. I still check the time on my phone though, because it's always near me. My generation (b. 1990) has grown up in a digital world. Analog clocks were few and far between in my home.