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Shaped Like A Cell, This Daypack Holds A Liter Of Water

A Harvard initiative recruits Mathieu Lehanneur to design a bag to help poor communities transport clean water.

It may look like a portable vacuum cleaner, but it’s actually something way more practical: essentially a sporty lunchbox with a built-in water bottle for daytrips—or by the looks of it, intergalactic space flight.

Designed by Mathieu Lehanneur, the CellBag is based on a concept for water transportation developed by students under the direction of David Edwards (the scientist behind inhalable caffeine) at Harvard University’s Wyss Institute. The disc divides into two parts: a rounded, zippered pouch for dry snacks and an accordian-style bottle for holding up to a liter of water. The telescoping tubes can also be strung together for carrying several days’ worth of fluids.

So far, the bags have been available only to the Moretele community in South Africa, but profits from their sale will help fund the Earth Water Foundation and a humanitarian initiative in South Africa to provide sanitary-water transportation solutions. According to Lehanneur’s press release, "The first hopeful months of the experiment in real life conditions will rapidly lead to CellBag improvements and increase its diffusion to populations in need."

CellBags are available in four different colors from Edwards’s Paris-based Lab Store for €75 (approximately $92).

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  • Phunken

    How much??? If they can't get the price to a realistic price point how on earth could they supply this to the masses for free? I'll just re-use my Coke bottle to store water.

  • kd

    Apparently, we, designers are now working like medical practitioners; treating symptoms, rather than eliminating causes.
    In this case, the designers are communicating a strong message but indirectly - that this is the life that is destined for you (the intended users), that you will make water cells or bags for you to ferry water with but (this is the hidden part), we will not develop designs for infrastructure to bring water right where you need.

  • Phunken

    Cos the job of designing infrastructure to bring water to the people is the job of the local gov and the NGO and engineers, this product is better than kids carrying jerrycan or buckets. 

  • symbian80

    Nice concept. But the over-all design looks so eerie or alien like to me. May be a better design look would be nice here.