Watch: A Peek Inside The Apple Recruiting Process

An Apple recruitment video reminds us that it takes small teams of exacting minds to develop the company’s groundbreaking products.

Apple’s marketing, and no doubt, even Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography, may lead you to believe that the iPad was made by two guys mulling over a CNC machine in a secret lab. But in reality, today’s complex products can’t be built by solitary Thomas Edisonian personalities (and indeed, even Edison had a sizable lab filled with talent, which has since grown into the mega-research-corp GE).

This Apple recruiting video shows the company in a light the public generally doesn’t get to see, totally nerding out on topics like battery chemistry and magnetic simulation software, sure, but also building products through small teams cross-pollinating across a huge company. In a sense, it’s a collaborative effort that’s a whole lot more impressive than two guys designing the iPad in a secret lab--a borderline impossible task that we’ve seen companies like Sony fail at, crushing innovation somewhere under the weight of their own incredible talent pool.

[Hat tip: 9to5mac]

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  • monirom

    People who don't understand the need for such a video are overlooking the obvious. Its widely known that Apple is competitive when it comes to salary but, they are far from the highest paying tech company.

    Apple doesn't need help attracting talent, they need help attracting the right type of talent - people who are in it for the experience, the end product and the satisfaction of a job well done. The ability to say, "I made that, without couching the statement or making caveats." The video reinforces this message so those out for just the payday know this is not the right company for you.

    It also makes for great PR when investors view the video. Yes its the same positive PR speak that every tech company extols. The difference is at Apple they really mean it.

  • Chaz Schlueter

    I am available Apple...I am a package designer

    Watch for my packages at Target, Walmart, Macy's and such

  • Tom Perfect

    Apple's mantra has been known for many years: hire only A players and fire the bozos. This video doesn't show anything new.

  • Guest

    Based on the responses below, my guess is all of you have either applied or interviewed with Apple and been turned down.  My intuition tells I am accurate.

  • Inwdc

    I see nothing remarkable about this video - even for a sub-category of Fast Company this is hardly newsworthy. I'm not hating on apple, I'm just at a loss why you post such a mundane and uninteresting thing. Will you start posting apple user guides or lenovo shipping packages next?

  • Heather Li

    Um, why does Apple even NEED a recruiting video? Any top-talented person isn't going to care about some pedestrian HR ad.

  • Jibberjabber

    typical marketing blah blah that's been done for years.  that Apple needs to create a crap video like this must mean they're in trouble.

    and because Sony doesn't have a sad recruit video means they crush innovation? what?!?

  • Adonis Raduca

    I think this is obvious ... I'm wondering if it needs an article to clarify it, since is obvious for anyone with a minimum sense of things.
    Nowadays every domain is such complex that implies a lot of time and dedication in order to perform ... there is simply no room for a DaVincian person ...

    In the Ive case he is the lead designer for the hardware with an entire team of designers / engineers under him, some of them specialized on different fields, since the devices become inherently complex.
    Think for example to the iPhone4 antena, I think Ive has no knowledge in radio-frequency, to design antena alone ... and examples can flow ...