What Jennifer Aniston And Beyonce Would Look Like As Ugly Regular People

Ewwww, regular people!?

Jennifer Aniston: Overweight? With bad skin? And frizzy hair!?

Your eyes do not deceive you. Photographer Danny Evans has transformed America’s sweetheart into the homely middle-aged woman she might have been in the absence of a $141,037 beauty routine and an (alleged) nose job.

Evans didn’t stop at Aniston. The New York photographer has worked Photoshop magic on an entire swath of the celebrity crowd, converting everyone from Beyonce to Brad Pitt into ugly regular people. There’s Gwyneth Paltrow with a soccer-mom bob and a leathery wattle. There’s Becks in a sweater vest and Posh in a bad perm. There are the Olsen twins looking, well, every bit as uncomfortable as usual—but CHUBBY!—and, my favorite, Kanye as a short, fat guy in a barfy blue suit, awkwardly clutching Kim Kardashian as if they were posing for high-school prom pics.

Evans doesn’t reveal much about his process. "I don’t like to discuss the technical side of my work," he tells Co.Design, "but I will say that they are photo composites, and not products of age altering software." There is sweet justice in taking Photoshop, the very tool that makes celebrities seem so insufferably flawless, and turning it cruelly against them. The point, Evans says, is "to show celebrities in a different light. [It’s] my interpretation of how they might appear if they were never famous."

And spent their days hanging around the local Olan Mills.

[Images courtesy of Danny Evans]

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  • adeen mckenzie-kennedy

    WTF are you talking about? Jennifer Aniston has and will always be a plain jane, she is not beautiful or anything special. Maybe if another plastic surgery procedure she does makes her pretty.......maybe that will change but she is a plain jane!

    Beyoncé is an modestly attractive woman not beautiful. Just because she has light skin and is more Eurocentric looking doesn't make her prettier than darker Black women like Kelly Rowland, who I think is far prettier than Beyoncé.

    Most Hollyweird celebrities are average looking anyways

  • haley77

    This is great. I don't understand why people would get so offended. Without all the money to keep themselves pretty, without all the vacays to alleviate stress, I'd like to see how they'd cope...well, thanks to this artist...hehe Obviously, he took it to an extreme, but it's a realistic extreme. 

  • sundaerobin

    lol@"regular people" as if these celebs aren't normal. Oh wait! Are they? QQn

  • WOW

    Well, I get your abnormal... Because regular people aren't ugly! It is horrible that you say that. Regular people are people and WE ARE ALL HUMANS!!! I hope you get less conceited because you can be thrown in a "dump" at any time in your life and be a regular person. You probably threw away a hole lot of relationships because they were too normal. Get over yourself!

  • SSH

    I think it's real messed up to say that "regular" people are "ugly". What the hell is "regular people"? Even if it was meant to be 'funny' *cough* it's very out of line. Last time I checked we were all human.

  • Disappointed

    thanks for reinforcing what mainstream media has used to make billions of people feel like shit for being who they are.  btw, "ugly", is on the inside, you fat-phobic hack.

  • jtbs42

    Pretty messed up that someone would photoshop chubby Olsen twins... Mary-Kate was anorexic FFS.Seriously low. 

  • Hendrimike

    this is the worst headline i have ever read.  ugly regular people?!  fuck off.

  • Kekelou87

    Wow people enjoy life just a little.  It is meant to be funny, it is funny, and some awesome photoshopping.  I love the one of Kimye.  Don't get your panties in a bunch over every single thing in life. CHILL!!

  • Angie

    While this is a little funny to imagine...Why,Co.Design, do you think that us "regular people" have such bad hair and extra body weight? The majority of us don't look like we're stuck in the late 80's/early 90's. Sure, there are some, but not many..otherwise it wouldn't look so bad. I don't think that any of these celebrities would look like this..I think this is just what a lot of people (like the author of this article) tell themselves to make them feel a little better about the way they look. They're all naturally beautiful (part of the reason they're celebrities in the first place..are we forgetting how important the right "look" is in order to get into the business. Almost as important as talent, if not more in some cases.) I'm sure that the advantage of money helps their looks..but come on, seriously unrealistic.

  • Creon

    Regular people weight too much because they eat food full of HFCS and refined carbs. Because:

    1) it's cheap, which is true largely because of government subsidies to the corn, sugarcane, and potato industries and

    2) they've been told this poison is healthier than high-fat high-protein low-carb foods like meat, eggs, cheeses and nuts, which is a lie. In fact we're bankrupting our government with medicare payments (another subsidie to the high carb agribusinesses) because of this lie.

    Follow the money:  Regular people are overweight and suffer from diabetes, cardiac disease, metabolic syndrome, etc because special interests (big argo, big pharma) are - lierally - making a killing on them.

    As for the hair problem, it's probably a lesser version of the same basic pattern.

  • Angie

    By the way, I understand that the pictures weren't necessarily aimed towards being realistic..but, what this website is supposed to stand for and the way the article is presented, you would think they'd be a little more realistic in their pictures. It would be a lot funnier if the actually looked like regular people. The photoshopping may be good but the execution is terrible.