A Chic $75 Lamp That You Put Together Yourself

All you need is a Phillips-head screwdriver.

Part of the allure of Ikea—besides its dirt-cheap furnishings—is the DIY ethos. Once you get your Billy bookcase home, you’ve got to assemble it, a process that, once you’ve finished cursing the confusing instructions, eventually results in a feeling of immense satisfaction disproportionate to the level of difficulty of the task at hand. Dino Sanchez understands the sense of accomplishment people derive from building even the simplest things, so he’s designed a minimalist table lamp that users can put together with just a Phillips-head screwdriver in less than ten minutes.

And like Ikea, Sanchez saves money on assembly costs, which means that he can offer the ultra-modern DS Kit 02 for $75, even while including high-end parts such as a solid oak base and nickel-plated fixtures. "I’d be happy if someone came from building one of our kits feeling that they learned something new, like how a lamp is made," the New York–based designer tells Co.Design. Along those lines, he is now working on a version Braun’s Lectron, a teaching tool by Dieter Rams and Jurgen Greubel comprising electronic dominoes that could be arranged on a conductive plate to form functional circuits. He’s got us giddy with anticipation.

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  • t3d

    What's the appeal of a bare bulb? 
    A clip-on shade would help.It's probably not chic though.

  • Alex Bailey

    Forty-seven pounds for a lamp?! I could buy dozens of desk lamps from IKEA and still have plenty of change for the bulbs.

    I believe another designer has already created something similar to Braun's Lectron, using cubes.

  • Heracles Papatheodorou

    Or you can drill a piece of wood and buy the bits from your local hardware store for 10$