Watch: 5 Ways To Generate Killer Ideas, From An Infographics Powerhouse

The latest from Column Five Media

The data-viz pros at Column Five Media sent us this fun little video on how to generate fresh ideas:

Okay, it’s pretty obvious advice ("Place yourself in a pleasing and healthy environment," "no matter how many times you fail to achieve an idea, continue the pursuit," and so on.) But if you’re banging your head against your desk trying to unclog a creative block, you could do worse than to zone out for a minute and a half on these loopy motion graphics. And hey, at least it’s not another lightbulb metaphor.

Read about the making of the video here. And to pre-order a copy of Column Five Media’s new book Infographics: The Power of Visual Storytelling (featuring an interview with our very own Cliff Kuang!) go here.

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  • Lynne

    This is a really awesome video with some great animation BUT the visuals make no sense! Since they're trying to sell a book about displaying information visually, one would think their commercial for it would actually display the information visually. Instead, there are a lot of images moving around, but none that actually visualize the information being presented.
    If I turn off the voiceover, I have no clue what I'm looking at. For instance, they talk about putting yourself in a pleasing and healthy environment and just show a bunch of circles growing in the background versus showing that environment actually shift with a person being placed into it. I expected something better.

  • JT

    This video is style over substance. The flying, spinning, pulsing graphics in the video do nothing to help you understand the content (the info in the voiceover) any better than simply listening to the audio with your eyes closed.

    So tired of "infographics" like this that say absolutely nothing. It's just eyecandy and an excuse to plug whatever book, service, etc. said "experts" are pushing this week.

  • Tim Geoghegan

    What I find most interesting from the beginning is the description of how the stimuli is [...broken into pieces and forms together to create an idea...]

    Because it also applies to the interpretation and comprehension of an idea.

    Which is something more often ignored in the 'creative' business while everyone focuses on where ideas come from. 

    We have enough ideas. We have a glut of great, dead ideas and fragments of ideas that could be great. So I wish we focused more on examining the cognitive absorption, amalgamating and decoding of ideas and communication. 

    I bet it could also lead to a less straightforward, pedantic communications and become more fluid and Gestalt - which that first section of the infographic film nails is how we really organize and interpret information.

  • DrTheopolis

    A little too esoteric, with all its talk of "prisms", and I don't really think the graphics matched what was being described. 

  • Wells Baum

    Pretty obvious, as you mentioned.  

    Get more idea inspiration from watching a Jack Dorsey interview.