Photographer Gray Malin traveled the world for his series A La Plage, A La Piscine. Here’s a view of Bondi Beach, Australia from above.

Swimmers at Bondi Beach.

The Bronte Baths in Sydney are right on the sea.

Navy Beach is a popular spot for those summering in the Montauk.

Surfers dot the water in the Hamptons.

Boogie boarders take to the waves in Kauai.

A rocky beach full of sun-basking revelers in Lisbon.

Umbrellas dot the beach like a cheery graphic pattern in Lisbon.

Surfers in the clear waters of Maroubra Bay, Australia.

A pool scene at the Palazzo in Las Vegas.

Ah, Rio de Janeiro.

A busy day at a Rio beach.

A deserted afternoon in Santa Monica.

A secret beach in San Tropez? Yes please!

Perfect rows of chairs and umbrellas ready for action in San Tropez.

Tiki umbrellas in the Caribbean.


Last Gasp Of Summer: Pics Of The World’s Most Popular Beaches

We want to go to there.

The first thing most folks do upon entering a hotel room is pull aside the shades to check out the view. Photographer Gray Malin got lucky on a visit to Las Vegas--overlooking the pool from a top floor--and was so taken with the sight of sun worshippers from above that he decided to pursue a project capturing similar scenes across the globe. A La Plage, A La Piscine offers a new perspective on summertime.

The next stop for Malin after Sin City was Miami during Art Basel but unfortunately, there was no vacancy for the same kind of set-up. “So, I did the next best thing--rented a helicopter!” Malin tells Co.Design. From there, he was completely hooked (and who could blame him). Rio de Janeiro and Kauai soon followed, with additional North American and international locations sourced via Google searches. After sorting out the tricky logistics of finding a pilot in each spot who he could communicate with--sometimes through an interpreter--Malin would get all the shots he needed in about an hour of air time.

Oftentimes the trips themselves took place over the course of a short weekend jaunt, scheduled at the last minute due to the whims of the weather; an unexpectedly cloudy season in Sydney kept him at bay until the forecast finally called for sun, so he booked a ticket to fly out the very next day in order to catch the clear rays and corresponding crowds. The images themselves capture both busy beaches and almost deserted sands, reducing the people, chaises, and umbrellas below into striking graphic patterns. “The best part is the feeling that comes over me when I’m in the helicopter, watching my dreams come to life through the lens.” His dreams and everyone else’s, no doubt.

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