The New Face Of Windows

Goodbye, desktop; hello, modernist grid: To launch an app, click a tile.

Live tiles display real-time updates for email, weather, and more, giving immediate context without having to dive into a web page or widget.

The new social app corrals your fragmented networks—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn—into one simple hub of status updates.

The Windows Store promises to let users download and install tons of third-party apps (including Netflix and eBay) as easily as on an iPhone.

Xbox Live
The Xbox SmartGlass app will connect tablets and smartphones to TVs, letting users interact with content and turning mobile devices into remote controls.

The mail app features a stripped-down interface that’s minimalist to the core: less clutter, more content.

Tired of opening your browser, jumping to Google Maps, and looking for directions? Windows 8 gets you there with one click.

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  • Antony Hutchison

    It's fresh and clear, and on a twin-screen setup in a living space it'll look great. I'm looking forward to ditching the desktop metaphor. Quite frankly, it's a dumping ground for files I'm working on and shortcuts that I never use. Active tiles are a much better use of screen real estate.

  • LP

    I love the new design.  Simple, clean and my eyes don't have to look for stupid over detailed icons that start to all look alike.  Hopefully the user can change colors and sizes of these blocks for their own taste.  I've worked with computers for decades and I know people will do the stupidest things over and over again only because they are used to it.  So trying to change people who use technology will cause a negative reaction even when it is better.  People become loyal to brands not necessarily to better function.

  • Scianca

    I'm sorry, but I'm not impressed.  Basically this new design is Dumbed Down, Ugly, and Loud. This is not elegant, it's juvenile and sterile.