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A Flexible Flashlight That Looks Like A Friendly Worm

Perfect for tricky projects that require both light and two free hands.

The flashlight is a great invention. But in certain situations, it can seem hopelessly limited—for instance, when you’re lying on the floor trying to ignite a stove pilot and you need both illumination and two hands to fiddle with a match and gas knobs. (Yes, this scenario is lifted from real life.) Finally, someone’s thought of a way to make a bendable torch, with a tail that can wrap around just about anything.

The Flexi Flash has two LED lights housed in a flexible, seven-inch-long silicone body and operates in two modes: steady or flashing. The most obvious application: detachable bike light. It’s available in blue, orange, or pink.

Buy one online here or at a MoMA Store for $12.