An overview of the infographic.

As we’ve pointed out before, the tile-layout lends itself to image curation. As a result, Pinterest users really do place a deep emphasis on aesthetics.

But Pinterest is not a ghetto for design freaks and aesthetes. It’s appeal has become mass: The most common vacation spot among users is Disney World and Victoria’s Secret is garnering the fastest-growing amount of love.

Pinterest has spawned myriad knock-offs, and almost all of them have some sort of shopping component built in. Which makes you wonder: How will Pinterest handle shopping as it matures and looks for a business model?

The most popular subjects on Pinterest are directly related to commerce…

…and while on Pinterest, users really do seem to be in a buying mood.

Males usually dominate the early wave of tech users, but Pinterest flips that relationship entirely.

Infographic: The Astounding Power Of Pinterest

Pinterest has seen so much explosive growth that the natural question is: What next? Pay attention to the data, and you might be able to guess.

In our upcoming October design issue, one of the many fascinating feature stories we’ve lined up is a lengthy profile of Pinterest and its elusive CEO, Ben Silbermann. That story goes live later this week, but until then, I wanted to offer a teaser, in the form of an infographic about Pinterest, created by Fast Company's staff and designed by our own Ted Keller.

In this profusion of figures, you find out a few, key things about the image-sharing service. For one, it’s dominated by women. Second, something about its layout and culture stokes an enormous buying impulse. And third, major brands are getting in on the act. It’s not a stretch to say that soon, at least on retail sites, a Pinterest button might become as ubiquitous as a Facebook Like. Check out the infographic below, or tour the major findings in the slide show above.

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Due to a fact-checking error, this article previously included Dribbble in the chart of companies inspired by Pinterest’s grid layout. Dribbble in fact launched before Pinterest, and has been deleted from the chart in question. Fast Company apologizes for the error.—Ed.

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