CB2's Frat-Boy-Chic Foosball Table For Grown-Ups

Backward hats and PBR not included.

So you finally made it. You got the big office and all your corporate wishes came true. But no matter how many power lunches you completely dominate, there’s a sense of longing. It’s an itch that the hostile takeover cannot scratch. It’s a need for some competition—some real competition—like you had in your college days. Did you play Division 2 football? Nah. Intramural soccer? Nope. Foosball. Foosball was your game. Any drunken college apartment was your court.

Phoos is a collaboration between Scot Herbst and CB2. It’s a foosball table that Herbst calls a bit of a wild idea, "something super playful but extremely relevant to a young working professional decorating their loft or apartment, perhaps looking for an opportunity to translate those latent pub-sporting activities into a more respectable vibe."

Angular wood and solid carved players replace the traditional polyurethaned hepatitis trap. The scuffed, beer-stained dreams coffin has been casually energized, right down to the playfield itself that’s painted to resemble grass.

"Ultimately, to find its way into the living rooms of enthusiasts with discerning taste, we had to find a way to package the historic emblem in a practical and thoughtful manner," Herbst says. "The design celebrates the function of the sport and performs for game time; however, when idle it lives elegantly as an ambient furniture piece. And when you wake up on Monday morning after a weekend of festivities, it’s quietly sitting there, smartly poised and looking dapper."

But your old college buddy in for the weekend who’s passed out on the floor beside it? He’s kind of ruining the classy aesthetic, honestly.

Phoos is available at CB2 now for $600.

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  • Webfingerzz

    This really makes me want to play!
    The red ball-retrieve on the side is pretty kickass!

  • T_K_N

    Pretty clean and cool. I like the angular look of the table. "Players" are carved from solid wood add more characteristic to the design and the game. Pretty awesome

  • Tommyduong18

    Very clean and modern take on the traditional foosball table. I'd buy one.

  • Gangsta Hustler

    The handle/player configuration is all wrong.....
    I hope they didn't actually produce them like the picture.  It would be the only table of it's kind.  So, there's 2 strikers instead of 3......and no defenders other than the goalie and the 2 useless ones on the outside.......  an open penalty shot all the time!!! STUPID!

  • soapstress

    You are the only person who has reviewed the layout. I am wondering if the other players next to goalie could be pulled off somehow. I love the look of this table, but don't think we will get if play is not authentic. 

  • $27180517

    The playing surface looks of the design is cool.  If you could choose alternate surface it would be much more attractive IMO.  The "grass" surface just gives it a cheap aesthetic that personally would look horrible if you're shooting for a more classic design in a contemporary setting.