Visualizing Palestine is a collective that uses NGO and UN data to produce data visualizations about the ongoing conflict.

In a recent infographic produced with Al Jazeera, the group takes on displacement, demonstrating the number of Palestinian homes that have been destroyed in recent years--rendering their occupants refugees.

The map attempts to underline how tactics like the razing of communities have been leveraged in the ongoing conflict.

The map attempts to underline how tactics like the razing of communities have been leveraged in the ongoing conflict.

Nearly 160,000 Palestinians have been displaced over the past 40 years.

A map of Jerusalem’s bus routes illustrates how urban planning and transit design can become geo-political weapons.

The map illustrates how access to non-Jewish settlements is nearly non-existent.

Another map demonstrates the existing transportation infrastructure that connects illegal Israeli settlements.

Ramzi Jabar, the group’s leader, tells Co.Design that he hopes their transparency and fact-driven work will appeal to those on both sides of the conflict.

Giving Israel-Palestine The Infographic Treatment (Carefully, And By The Numbers)

The designers and architects behind the Visualizing Palestine project hope to inspire dialogue based on facts, not emotions.

The huge popularity of infographics these days—love them or hate them—has affected everything from the way buildings are designed to the way we read the news. But the renaissance in visual communication, led by patron saint Ed Tufte, has had special impact for nonprofits and social justice advocates—groups that are often trying to communicate basic facts and figures across multiple cultures in an engaging way.

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Visualizing Palestine, a collective of architects and graphic designers, tells visual stories about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict based solely on impartial data. Featured recently on the Daily Beast and Al Jazeera, the group’s work has resonated online. One diagram demystifies the complicated license plate classification system, which restricts access to certain types of roads within Israel. Another explains how water, used as a kind of proxy weapon, is playing a major role in the conflict. A map of Jerusalem’s bus routes illustrates how urban planning and transit design can also become geo-politically heated.

It’s undoubtedly rough ground to tread—you’d be hard pressed to find a topic that inspires more emotion. But Ramzi Jaber, the group’s leader, tells Co.Design that he hopes their transparency and fact-driven work will appeal to those on both sides of the conflict. "We are interested in data-driven stories that help people to develop an accurate and nuanced understanding of the situation in Palestine and Israel beyond the discredited logic of a 'clash of civilizations,'" he says.

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The VP team is spread out all over the globe, with members in Ramallah, Amman, Beirut, Paris, and London. The group is led by a core team of six, whose professions range from "software geek" to architect. They point to the work of Julien Boussac, a French cartographer whose satirical maps of Palestine were recently featured on Reuters, as inspiration. The Israeli NGO Gisha, which uses motion graphics to tell wordless stories about the conflict, is also an influence.

VP is part of a growing group of architects and designers—both Israeli and Palestinian—who are examining the conflict from a variety of perspectives in the world of design. Israeli architect Eyal Weizman has led the way for architects; his 2007 book, Hollow Land: Israel’s Architecture of Occupation, was a groundbreaking study of how space and architecture are wielded as weapons in the conflict. On a broader scale, groups like Tactical Tech are helping NGOs and nonprofits leverage data and visual communication as a tool in their own communities.

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Hold up, you may be saying, after taking a look at some of the group’s work. Impartial? This group has a clear opinion! Jaber knows it, and notes that it’s impossible not to let your own biases leak into your work. But by basing their graphics on freely accessible and impartial sources, VP hopes to spur a dialogue based on data, not emotions. "We go to great pains to be clear and transparent by including all relevant sources on the graphics themselves," he adds, "which also allows readers to verify the data, read around the topic, or potentially to challenge us or suggest improved sources for future revisions."

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  • DE_ONE

    100% partial information, just read the organizations name.  Your title should have read:  

    Giving Palestine The Infographic Treatment (While Carefully Omitting An Entire Side of the Story)

  • Liat

    Again, you've got it wrong, I see unlike others here you have good
    intentions but you really don't know the real story, the whole story -
    believe me, trust me - you really don't (btw, we dont have a
    constitution yet in Israel (you said you knew the Israeli side so well?
    hmm...)) It's such a long complicated story that getting it from the
    media from far away isn't like living it and seeing it in your own eyes
    and I am an Israeli, 30 and I was on the left side like the majority of
    Israelis were just a few years ago. Nowadays most Israelis are right,
    ask yourself why, you don't need to be an Einstein for that - the
    Palestinians gave us many good reasons themselves.

    With the left we almost reached peace with Arafat back in the 90s,
    gave him weapons but he turned it against us. As was shown in the media
    tens of documents were found in his mukataa proving he gave those exact
    weapons to the terrorists Hammas, to their radical murderers. You see,
    while he shook one hand for peace - with the other he secretly shook the
    hands of the terror, turning the weapons we gave him against us. Many
    were killed with those exact weapons.

    Israelis don't want to control the arabs, you're mistaken if you
    think that. we want them to have their own country, leave us alone and
    stand on their own. People think that the fence is a way of controlling
    them - I don't know if you know but before the fence was built we had 10
    years of unbearable terror on the buses. Ever since the fence - not
    even one accident. Our security is far more important to us then
    controlling another people, believe me, tons of money goes on our

    Israelis believe in peace and that's why in 2005 Israel decided to
    disengage itself from Gosh Katif, hard as it was we evacuated thousands
    of Israelis from their houses and left the gaza area for the
    Palestinians, mistakenly thought that this will prove the other side we
    are interested in peace. That was proven a huge mistake - what they gave
    us back right after 2005 was MORE TERROR, more terror more than ever.
    Just tonight they fired tens of rockets at the south of Israel, many
    people were hurt, lots of cities in the south of Israel tonight were
    sent to spend the night in shelters. Now imagine that this was those
    civilians' reality since 2005..... it was. Disengaging ourselves from
    Gosh Katif brought the Palestinians much closer to our border, making it
    easier for them to shot at us to places they never shot before, risking
    all the south of Israel now. Instead of taking the chance for peace,
    they elected the terrorist Hammas and those terrorists fire on us since

    For years after years all the Palestinians have done is to spit in our faces and show us terror. Ofcourse not all of them are like that (I have arab friends) but look at the Israeli side - have you ever seen an Israeli going to stab a Palestinian or explode on their buses or lynch them etc???? No No No. NEVER. We are not such people and you can say
    whatever you want on Israelis but we are not like them, terror is not
    the Israeli way and you can't say there are terrorist on both sides -
    its simply not true. Terror comes only from the Palestinians side
    and terror is something that is aimed at civilians, Israel fight against
    the terror and only fights back. Of course sometimes innocent people on
    the other side are hurt and that's sad just like it's sad when people in Israel are hurt
    - but you can't blaim Israel for going back at those terrorists and
    protecting its citizens like any other country in the world do and I
    think much stronger then what we do. Notice that whenever ever
    attack first - we only attack them back and try as much as possible to
    fight the source that attacked and not hurt civilians. The problem with
    those immoral terrorist is that they are using civilians' houses,
    schools and other sensitive building to shoot their rockets from and thus Israel seems like the bad guy when attacking those buildings. Terrorists don't have problem risking innocent people on their side and they are hiding behind them.
    We are proud of our army being moral and tries to reduce as much as
    possible of the causalities on the other side.

    I don't know why you got the wrong impression that Netanyahoo is the
    problem - he is not that good but he's not the problem. He says what the
    majority of Israelis think and the majority thinks like him, we chose
    him and we are less naive than we used too. We repeat and offer them a peace process as soon as they say they accpet Israel.
    Sad but after all this time - they don't get over the fact that Israel
    is here to stay. They don't accept Israel, simply as that and that's why
    they don't bother to go to a peace process but rather use terror as if
    it will help them with anything. They want it to be only their country
    and you can hear them say that, they don't hide it - their leaders and
    president repeat that all the time and Israel finds itself being
    attacked and got no one to talk to on the other side. They also deny the
    holocaust and they deny we ever lived here and we lived here first and
    we sat on this land from the times of the bible, Israel has always been
    our land and only land. Btw just look at the antisemitic posts all over this page - another proof why Jewish people from all around the world should live in Israel and no other place.

    BTW those left winged from Israel you mentioned are not a critical
    voice at all.. they are actually a radical minority that think they are
    intelligent but no one listens to their suicidal ideas that were tested
    well in the past and were proven to turn badly against Israel and make
    the situation even worst.

    And I'll sum that (if that's even possible) by the fact that we gave
    them so many chances but no matter how many times we offered them peace (and we still do) and no matter what we did they just gave us
    more and more terror back.

  • Zhaomafan

    i agree with most of what Liat says. I guess the only serious difference is that I think Netanyahu is an impediment to peace (even though I agree with Liat's points about the duplicity of the Palestinian's positions......).  Overall, I have to say that the presentation IS biased/. You'd never know from reading it that bombs fall on southern Israeli towns. 

  • Liat

     Crocography, what a silly thing to say, you are no more than a hateful hypocritical antisemitic. Frankly you're pathetic cause no matter what others say - you are just stuttered with your anti Jews views. You don't care for the truth, your care for the arabs' lies, you're not better than them. HAVE YOU EVER CHECKED THE OTHER SIDE AT ALL??? Ever checked what is the Hammas all about???? why the arabs elected them?? what happened since the day they were chosen?? the rockets and war and terror that they brought since 2005. Those terrorist's that lead the Palestinians have an antisemitic constitution - I URGE YOU TO READ MORE ON THE HAMMAS - they call for jihad on Israel. Do you think Israel can negotiate with a partner that openly calls for the it's destruction??? Are you crazy?? that's why they are bombing us for 10 years already and we don't do much. You want to blame someone - they are to blame in their situation. The Hammas is our enemy - they are the western world's enemy and they should be dealt as enemies and not with the silk gloves Israel has dealt with them till now. Had Israel wanted we would wipe them from the map, we can do that and I assure you had it been any other country - they'd have done it already. You hypocritical antisemitic call it an "unsymmetrical war" when we attack them back but when they attack us then it ok ah???? then all of a sudden its symmetrical ahh?? so it's ok for them to shot on kids cause it's symmetrical then?? you should be ashamed of your war ethics - we have every right of defending ourselves in front of those murders calling upon our destruction. They act like enemies yet they want us to give them jobs and money and whatever - it doesn't go like this. They brought that upon them. If they want to change - to accept Israel - everything will change but we will never have peace as long as they call for war. had they wanted peace - we'd give them peace. They want war - we will give them war.

  • Crocography

    An emotional not historical account. Please don't confuse the situation with your passion for the Jews.

  • Tamara Qutteineh

    There are those who claim  israel has the highest average living standards in the Middle East and  Israel is the only liberal democracy in the Middle East. 

    Not by my reckoning or experience

    ...immigrants come in search of democracy,
    religious freedom, and economic opportunity.

    I cannot.

    ...israel designed the airline
    industry's most impenetrable flight security. U. S. officials now look to Israel for
    advice on how to handle airborne security threats.

    there are none among us who may remain safe from security threats.

    ...israel has the world's second highest per capita of new books.

    I found none of economic value nor was I interested in those that would not arouse interest from airline staff at my exit point

    I  Re...researchers in israel developed a new device that directly helps the heart pump
    blood, an innovation with the potential to save lives among those with heart
    failure. The new device is synchronized with the heart's mechanical
    operations through a sophisticated system of sensors
    comcommendable but for whose benefit? A huge target market is being ignored and under-utilised..

    You ...israel and jews better lives

    notnnot mine. I am responsible for my life and proud of my role in the universe.

  • Michelle cohen

    I'm sorry but if I got it right - you say Israel owes you something??? you gotta be kidding...... and what about Spain/Italy/Germany/Russia - other democracies in the world that develop new things - do they also owe you anything??? I don't think so.

    With that said I can tell you Israel helps the world much more than you will ever know and much more then arabs do with their terror.

    For starters - do you know what is a DISK ON KEY? Did you ever used one?? - well, it is an Israeli gadget :) Don't you think we have helped you enough already??

    Another "small" thing Israel brought is the alphabet, I'm sure you know that already... The Hebrew alphabet was invented over 4,000 years ago by the Jewish people in Israel. Still today we speak in the same language our ancestors did, the same language that our bible is written with.

    Compared to any other nation and compared to it's size - israel also got the highest number of nobel prizes winners.

    Enough said - go and broaden your knowledge before you claim nonsense.

  • Zvi

    Really cheap way to generate traffic for FastCompany by posting this nonsense infographics.

  • Avi Kaufman

    There is more than one narrative of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This infographic shows one aspect of one of those narratives (Palestinian homes have been destroyed), but excluding others (an ongoing deadly violent campaign against Israeli civilians). To say it examines the conflict "carefully, and by the numbers" is a great diservice that works against its own purpose: from either perspectives it confirms a view of the other without promoting understanding or even meaningful dialogue. 
    If you're really interested in accomplishing that, then it's essential to acknowledge the traumas, histories, aspirations, and legitimacy of both peoples, not to perpetuate the myth of one story.More constructive would be an approach such as that used in the book "Side by Side: Parallel Histories of Israel-Palestine", or the great work by organizations such as Seeds of Peace or MIT's MEET (Middle East Education through Technology) which bring young Israelis and Palestinians together for open dialogue and get to know each others' perspectives outside of the dialogue of hate. Unfortunately this infographic is so one-sided that it works against dialogue and peace. Fast Company: I'm disappointed in your contribution to perpetuating the conflict. 

  • Avi Kaufman

    Al, you're right that it is genuinely very difficult to do it right in a constructive way....but it's worth the effort. The way to do it is not as a scorecard or as a "he said, she said", but rather to genuinely show the narratives. For example, from the Palestinian narrative, key elements would certainly include many people leaving homes in Israel in '48 and life under occupation since '67, including home and farmland destruction, checkpoints, economic embargo, etc. From the Israeli narrative, Biblical connection, fleeing Europe, being attacked in multiple wars, suicide bombs, rockets, etc. If you included individual true story perspectives as sidebars on different elements as well, that would lend it power and make it easier for people to empathize with a view other than the one they start with. An approach that goes straight to, here are the "facts" or here are solutions, without acknowledging other people's experiences, doesn't leave a lot of room for moving forward. 
    And as hard as it is, there are many groups and people who are working on that. Inflammatory infographics under the guise of "carefully, and by the numbers" don't help.

  • Al

    The difficulty is, it's genuinely very difficult to add in the "other side" without it looking like a spurious comparison of which of two evils is more wrong, or, the token "he said, she said" non-information that is switching so many people off modern journalism. 

    No matter how it was presented, it would look like weighing the narratives up. If it simply dispassionately showed the numbers - say, homes and businesses destroyed by isreali bulldozers, tanks, planes vs homes and businesses destroyed by palestinian bombs and rockets - it would be almost impossible to avoid looking like it was saying whichever side's extremists' actions had more victims was more in the wrong. If it spun out the narratives more elaborately, no matter how carefully worded and presented it was, it would attract angry criticisms that it was understating one or overstating the other. The closest to success it could get would be making partisans on both sides equally angry...It's very easy to criticise something like this, but very hard to actually do better (and I mean, objectively better, not better as in more acceptable to the other group). About the only route I could see would be to present it more strongly as, "This is one real problem, among many problems. Here are possible solutions. Here is how the problems are inter-related". The transport maps edge closer to that, but it's hard, without turning into something book-length.

  • Israel ישראל

    Phew!! So many bored obsessive antisemitics -- GET A LIFE!! Someone here mentioned HISTORY, you sound like an ALIEN, FCommon.... you don't know 1/1000 of history. The Hebrew bible dates over 3,500 years ago, it was written by Jewish people at the holy land before Christianity and Jesus (a Jewish person himself) ever came out of Judaism. The only people in Israel back in those days 3,500 years ago were the Jewish people and the Plishitim tribe. The Plishtim as described in the bible and in archeological findings were red head people and quite in the beginning they didn't survive in wars with other tribes in the region and they are not any related to the Palestinians whatsoever. Over the thousand of years the holy land was conquered several times by other nations in the region and still the Jewish people were the only ones living here. The Jewish people were banished twice from their home land by different tyrants at different times yet they came back and all over the years outside their home they kept the longings for their home and kept their tradition 1:1 as they did 3,500 years ago. The Palestinians are a new nation (if you can even call them that), they date from a round the 19th century and came to Israel at the end of the Ottoman Empire from the neighboring countries, they have NO sign of living in the hold land BEFORE. They started calling themselves a nation only when the Jews came back to Israel 150 years ago and NOT BEFORE. They don't even have any history of a nation and they don't have much history in Israel - had they have any they would have shown it, but they really don't.

  • Tls5164

    In the West Bank, over 7,500 olive trees belonging to Palestinians were damaged or destroyed by Israeli "settlers" between January and mid October 2012. Only one of the 162 complaints regarding settler attacks against Palestinian trees monitored by the Israeli NGO

    Yesh Din since 2005 has so far led to the indictment of a suspect. -UNITED NATIONS

    Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs

    Since 1967, 800,000 olive trees have been uprooted by Israeli forces, resulting in a loss of around $55 million to the Palestinian economy,

  • Tamara Qutteineh

    Thank you for a set of infographics which are as insightful as they are illuminating. If you give a blind person vision or improve the hearing of a deaf person you must surely give them a similar liberty to my own as it begins whenever modern media incites interest in the topic of my ethnicity.  My personal experience of being able to vocalise what it is to be Palestinian in an epoch where people are not ready to hear the truth is half a story untold.

    I am grateful for the comments which present the story of the illegal occupation in its entirety. The full scale of the occupation and its effects are beginning to reveal themselves and when the last story has been told, the shift towards social justice may begin to achieve momentum.

  • Jerusalem

    Let me tell you about the security vs. transportation in Israel as I live in Jerusalem and I know one or few facts you don't know, facts from the life here that you don't get to hear on the media. All of us know that in the past the arabs bombed buses and many innocent people were killed and Israel built that security fence and there are no more suicide bombers since then. But now we have here in Jerusalem a new light rail, it's actually the first light rail in Israel. It goes from the north of Jerusalem,  and then into the arab neighborhoods such as Beit Hanina (the largest arab neighborhood in Jerusalem) then continuing into the city center and to the south of Jerusalem. Many Israelis were against having the light rail going into those arab neighborhood and afraid sending their kids on it. Their fears weren't for nothing and just a few months a go a young girl was murdered on the the light rail by a Palestinian that got on at Beit Hanina. There were a few more violent encounters between young Palestinians boys that were bullying young Israeli girls. They also throw stones on the light rail whenever it arrives to their neighborhood. They interfere the peace whether they're on it or out. That's why a lot of people in Jerusalem are not going on the light rail anymore, you see - they are not affraid of us at all, if anything they try to make it the other way around. They enjoy that light rail more than us and since it started they start coming into our neighborhoods much more than they used to. They go freely in our malls and buy more than us. They are violent and you won't see an Israeli ever ever doing the same - we are not even welcomed into their neighborhoods - they will kill/kidnap anyone who tries visiting them (there was a disgusting lynch just a few years ago and another Palestinian stubbed an israeli just last week in Jerusalem). The life with those violent war seeking people is unbearable for Israelis - you should come here and hear the noise they make every Friday night you hear the wedding ceremonies they conduct with guns shooting in the air and bomb exploding for hours on hours it sounds like war going on in their neighborhoods. Just last month the brother of the bride was shot in the wedding ceremony - now can you even get what kind of people they are?? I don't wish anyone to live with them, their violence and anti-culture is unbearable.

  • Liat

    Tls5164 - amazing how you even got it on your mind that arabs are the descendants of the israelis... what a crap, sorry with all the respect, that's the the first I've ever heard such a total nonsence....  We are the ones to believe in the first bible, it's the Hebrew bible, it was written in Hebrew, in our language and the Hebrews that lived here spoke Hebrew and we speak the the same language, have the same names (COHEN, LEVI etc) as mentioned in the Hebrew bible they are Jewish names only. The archeological findings confirming many details form the bible and dating form its times are in Hebrew as well (I can read them at the museum though they date 6000 years ago and they actually speak about my family serving in the Holy Temple thousands of years ago before counting). The Jewish way of life made us Jewish people keep strongly our Jewish tradition for thousand of years, especially in the Gola (that's what we call any other country then our home Israel) no matter where Jews lived after being deported - we kept the same tradition from the times of the bible. Jews always prefered marring other Jews rather than marrying other religions and therefore the Jews todays are pretty much the same as it was years ago, starting from our names as I said, till the everyday life (for example we even have our own calendar that started 6,000 years ago at the day god created the world as described in out bible and we count the days the way the Hebrews did, the day on the Jewish calender starts with the sun rising and not 00:00 as you do etc etc..) Anyway there are also scientific researches showing the genes that were carried throught the years, they show for example that all the Askenzies came from the same Jewish individual etc etc. There was no such other  nation in history that did what we did, we kept Israel in our hearts since the times of the bible and even when they deported us twice from Israel, we still kept it and we came back. Amen.

  • Israel ישראל

    Anfield, you made a bad salad from history, you confuse so many things names and facts with lies to cover the holes in your nice but so far a way from the history theory.
    You say Jewish people have nothing to do with that land? well that's weird because those same Jewish people are the ones that wrote their bible there at 4115 BC. The first Alphabet in history btw is Hebrew and it was found in Egypt and goes back to the times of the Hebrews that were slaves there and built the pyramids you still see today. The Canaanites? you've got a huge mistake there, go back and read history, they are well known and described in the bible and any history book will tell you the Canaanites have got nothing to do with the Palestinians, nor the Plistim like they claim pathetically, you're totally confusing them and in one sentence you think you can rewrite history and connect this mixture of people called the Palestinians with those very old nations that later developed to what now is Egypt, Jordan and Syria, Turkey etc. I don't know where you read all your stories that are so far away from the sources but the Canaanites were 7 of the nations living in the area of nowadays Israel. They lived in Canaanite which belonged to Egypt. Around 4500 BC the Hebrews got out of Egypt, came to Israel as described in the bible and defeated those nations. All that isn't just described to details in the bible but was found and well known from archeology. Jewish people lived in Israel since 4500BC, they have rich history in Israel more than any other religion and Judahism is the first monotheistic religion and the oldest. Christianity came much later, it grew out of Judaism and Yehosoa (Jesus) was no other than a Jewish person living in Israel as the other Jewish people that lived in israel since 4500BC. Throughout history  Israel was conquered many times and Jewish people lived under the occupation of many empires. They were subjected to tough times and tough rules and were deported twice from their home because they didn't agree to convert like they were ordered to. For years after the Jews lived scattered outside of Israel but never gave up their hope to return back to their home in Israel and all the Jewish prayers talk continuously about their Jerusalem and in how they wish to come back to Israel, to their home. The holocaust was a great reminded for the Jewish people that they have no other home rather then their own Israel, some of the horrible posts here prove the same. The Jewish people nowadays are connected more then ever to their home and no mattter how tough it is in Israel, this historic great nation of all will never leave home, "Never Again" as we say.

  • Tls5164

    It is quite impossible to prove that today's Jews that were descendants of the ancient Israelites. Just look at the numerous ethnic divisions within the Jewish population. They range from Ashkenazi(European), Mirzahi(Arab) Sephardic, and black(Ethiopian). 

    As a biology major, I know that its impossible that such diversification occurred within just a few thousand years.

    For all we know, the Palestinians are more likely to harbor the true  Israelite genes, should they exist anymore.

    But to claim that today's Jews are the descendants of the Israelites is akin to saying that the Palestinians are descendants of the Philistines, who were the original inhabitants of the region (yes before the ancient Israelites even stepped foot in Palestine. So they weren't even the first ones there)

    The Ashkenazi European Jews are actually  most likely descendents from the Khazars, and that is explained by the genetic similarity with the Kurds.

    It was this group that kicked out or massacred 860,000 Palestinians from their homeland in 1948.

    Let's just look at the people displaced by Israel in its history.

    The estimates for Palestinian refugees in 1948 are at 860,000.

    That's not counting the 140,000 displaced in 1967.

    Not to mention the 120,000 Syrians displaced from the Golan Heights.

    Of course there's still the 150,000 expelled from the Jordan Valley INSIDE the West Bank.

    Or the Beduin village of Al Araqib that has been destroyed 3 times( this is all very recent) and left 200 men women and children out in the desert. (these are supposed to be citizens of Israel- doesn't seem like they have very many rights)

    Is that all? Nope you still have to count the inhabitants of the 27,000 homes destroyed in the West Bank and Gaza to build illegal Jewish settlements.
    Watch this vid to get an idea of home demolitions:

    You seem to want to blame the Palestinians, but when we look at the facts, there was not even a shred of Palestinian resistance for decades of brutal occupation!

    And besides, the main objection to these to the apartheid buses and light rail is that they connect illegal Israeli settlements, just like the apartheid roads.Don't feel like you have to support Israel because you are Jewish. 

    I would like for you to watch this hour long video presentation by Miko Peled, who is from a well known Zionist family and whose father was a high ranking general in the 48 and 67 wars.

    I urge you to watch the whole thing. It is certainly an eye opener.

  • anfield1

     dude, ill give you something, you really do know how to put words into ppl's mouths. Pls tell me where i found it funny that a girl got stabbed. What i find funny is the rubbish that you write. It is now very clear that you have no clue about the land that you currently live on for now. Your blatant racism is quite appalling but that is a function of living in a racist society - i dont blame you for that- you were just brought up in that environment.

    Your knowledge of hsitory is shamefully lacking my friend - again a function of the lies that you were taught in whichever Israeli school you attended.

    So just to put you straight my friend, the Arabs have been the significant majority in Palestine for well over 1500 years. Not sure where you get the 150 years- thats actually quite funny :D

    Try reading any good book on the history of the Holy Land (one that isnt peddled by the Zionist state) and you will see for yourself. There are actually many historians out there who believe that the Palestinians are descendants of the Canaanites who were the first known inhabitants of Palestine (ofcourse you ve probably never heard of them- they actually preceeded Jewish existence in the land :)  )

    And you say Jewish history is all over Israel. Ummmmm what about Muslim and Christian history?! You know that Golden Domed structure that dominates the Jerusalem skyline?! Yeah well thats called the Dome of the Rock - that was built in 691!! Oh ofcourse there were no Arabs until 100 years ago.....

    Your arguments are just so full of holes that i could be here forever picking them off! Its sad to see how clueless you are about the history of the Holy Land - i mean ive been there twice and i seem to know infinitely more than you do.... sad but not surprising :/

    Your people may have been able to steal most of the country and change the Arabic street names and area to Jewish ones but thankfully there will always be the Dome of the Rock and Church of the Holy Sepulchre in your faces reminding you that there were people who were there before the Zionist Jews who all came from Europe and had NOTHING to do with that land.

    And i ask you again where do your family hail from? Where were your great grandparents from??

    I personally know Palestinians whose ancetsors date back to the 12th Century when they arrived in Palestine to fight for Saladdin against the Crusaders..... Now your gonna tell me that your ancestors were there too!!

    Anyway, to finish off, and i really hate wasting my time with people who are completely biggoted and ignorant, but what happened to the Palestinians is one of the biggest injustices of the 20th century, but it will not last. No injustice ever does.

    The World will wake up to Israel's brutal occupation and will hold them accountable just like they did in Apartheid South Africa (which Israel unsurprisingly supported and armed btw!) It will take time (maybe not in our lifetime) but the process has started at last.