In its unexpanded form, the backpack complies with most international-airline carry-on size requirements. It contains a slip pocket for a 17-inch Mac Pro and organizer pockets for chargers, cables, and other gadgetry.


The bag also features a quick-access zipper pocket.


The standard roller features a front zipper pocket, a slip pocket for an iPad, a padded notebook sleeve for laptops up to 17 inches, and various other organizer compartments.


The duffle has an extra-large main compartment for clothing, a padded 15-inch notebook sleeve, and a removable shoulder strap.


The duffle has an extra-large main compartment for clothing, a padded 15-inch notebook sleeve, and a removable shoulder strap.

Hard-shell roller

The polycarbonate hard-shell front protects fragile contents. In addition to a slip pocket for an iPad, it has a MacBook compartment that opens flat to pass easily through airport security.

Hard-shell roller

Like the two other rollers, the hard-shell option has custom-designed urethane wheels and a telescoping handle.

Rolling Brief

Incase Product VP Chris Robinette calls the rolling brief "a little mobile office." It also includes an iPad slip pocket and a padded notebook sleeve for MacBooks up to 15 inches.

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Incase Rolls Out Its First Luggage Line, Geared To The Creative Traveler

The maker of protective Apple gear branches out into the travel category, with a sleek collection of carry-on baggage.

If you’ve had the misfortune to go luggage shopping recently, you would have noticed that most offerings fall into one of two categories: relatively cheap and ugly, or sleek and insanely expensive. Bags that are good-looking, functional, and affordable are as elusive as a subway during a hurricane. "There’s a lot of luggage out there, but it didn’t seem to be hitting both a need and an aesthetic, so we thought there was an opportunity there for our brand" says Chris Robinette, VP of product at Incase, which is adding a five-piece travel collection to its catalog of protective tech gear.

While designing the line, Incase had a specific consumer group in mind—themselves. "We’ve been making a lot of travel gear for ourselves since we started Incase," says Joe Tan, Incase’s chief design officer. "We finally felt like we wanted to share this with a broader audience than just ourselves." In some ways, though, the designers at Incase are much like the people they expect will use their products: creative professionals who need to take short-duration trips for work but don’t have the need to lug around a library of binders. "Our business traveler travels a little more efficient," Tan says. "Maybe he just has a laptop or a few pieces of clothing."

As such, the EO collection includes an array of mid-size luggage for the casual chic: two rollers (one with a hard shell, the other with a soft one), a briefcase on wheels, an expandable backpack, and a duffel. Each one displays features the company is known for: clean, sleek design that displays precise attention to detail, with organizational pockets for all your gadgetry just where you want them.

"As designers, we tried to go deep and hone in on ways to alleviate paint points in the travel experience," says Joe Tan, Incase’s chief design officer. That meant designing bags that could easily pass through security checkpoints at airports: The hard-shell roller, for instance, has a fold-down laptop compartment, so the computer can stay in the bag rather than being tossed in a dirty bin. Tan was also attentive to materials, choosing soft, tactile fabric in some places but more protective textiles for tech storage. Even the urethane wheels have a smoother feel than standard runners.

The bags— in black with green accents—range in price from $149.95 to $299.95. "In luggage, there’s a lot of first-class solutions that speak to a luxury audience," Tan says. "That’s not where we wanted to go. We wanted to have something that’s approachable, that’s frequently used—a business-class solution." Go here for more info.

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  • Nn2ooo3

    The internal laptop sleeve needs to be completely detachable with handle incase you want to check in your hand luggage after expanding it 35%

  • Chris Rooney

    Agree, it's a little irritating that it's not on the website yet. But looking forward to this!

  • AarnWenn1

    Featured products not available on Incase web site - marketing and PR should coordinate their activities to take immediate advantage of interest in their new products.

  • Incase

    Fast Co.Design broke the story. The EO Travel Collection will be launching in full tomorrow, 11/1, at which time product will be live for viewing.