Projecteo is a mini projector for your Instagram account.

But it’s not a digital product. Instead, Projecteo uses 35mm slides, fitted with 9 shots apiece.

It’s adorable.

No doubt, the somewhat traditional 35mm format keeps this small projector’s printing costs down.

The projection itself is driven by an LED.

An LED won’t put out a ton of light, but the screen can reach about 2.5 feet in a dark room.

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Kickstarting: A Tiny, Working Slide Projector For Your Instagram Shots

Sending your faux-retro Instagram shots full circle, back to the truly analog era of View-Masters and vacation photos projected on a white sheet.

Instagram has all the convenience of digital, social photography, but it compensates for what could be a cold utilitarian feature set with the simplest of interventions: nostalgic photo filters. Instagram doesn’t just share photos, it creates memories. Call that sentiment cheesy or the technique tacky, but it’s certainly proven successful so far.

Projecteo, a Kickstarter campaign by Mint Digital (makers of Olly and, takes the Instagram nostalgia one step further. It’s a miniature, LED-powered slide projector that displays photos from your Instagram account onto a wall in a 2.5-foot spread. The idea is to soak in pictures with friends and families, just like the old days.

"It still seems magical and mysterious to me. Chemicals reacting in vats of liquid to make incredibly rich, beautiful, and unique images still fills me with a sense of awe," creator Ben Redford tells Co.Design. "It also reminds me of being a kid. My Mum and Dad used to have loads of slides and I used to love the excitement of going through them."

Projecteo’s slides are the traditional, 35mm size, but they’ve been redesigned to fit nine smaller photos in a revolver-style arrangement (kind of like a miniature View-Master). It’s an interesting hack of the printing process itself. While Projecteo’s segmented slides won’t have nearly the fidelity of their older counterparts, their clever approach to 35mm printing does allow them to leverage existing analog infrastructure to create a new film product.

"35mm film used to be the dominant means of developing and sharing photos and slides. The quality and richness of slide film is second to none," Redford explains. "Now, most of that behavior happens in a digital format. However, that doesn’t mean the infrastructure or incredible quality of analogue development has disappeared, it just hasn’t been 'connected’ yet."

So the second half of Projecteo will be a streamlined printing service in the cloud. Users can submit their Instagram shots to order these new slide wheels, which is no doubt a big part of Projecteo’s monetization scheme. Because the Projecteo itself with one slide will run just $25 to Kickstarter pre-orderers, and the early birds will actually land it $10 cheaper.

Order it here.

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  • Ria Fernandez

    Really cool! I work for Fashionbi, and been researching around on Instagram tools and apps. This one is definitely different from all the rest I've seen! It sort of meshes the old school with the new school. Love it! :)

  • Nic Johnson

    I had assumed it was a wifi enabled device that would talk to your Instagram feed.

  • John Eaton

    Oh man, does this have "trade show tschotske" written all over it....but, yeah I'd pick one up. Either that or find someone to miniaturize the Kodak projector in my basement...

  • StrawburryMiwk

    If this could automatically show pictures, might be nice to have on at parties. Instant conversation piece.

  • Mark Rojas

    Seems to have very limited use and only serves as a gimmick. Reminds me of those products you would find at Urban Outfitters... 

  • Wwnydo

    Instant hipster appeal . How much will the slide wheels cost and how will the 'incredible quality of analogue development' be apparent in a tiny projected image. Wanted to like this but it seems to be another cutesy retro gimmick.