The Ready Case

Your iPhone can call, text, and play music, sure, but can it slice boxes, open bottles, and hold itself up with a kickstand? Not without the Ready Case it can’t. This clever case takes the Swiss Army approach to smartphone protection, offering a detachable multitool, a headphone clip, and a tiny USB drive that doubles, yes, as a kickstand, propping your phone up when you’re watching Netflix on the train or just when you’re firing up your alarm clock app at night. Basically, it makes it an even smarter phone. You can preorder the 8GB case, available for iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 for $45.

The Bobine Flexible Charger

Yeah, we’d be bummed if we got a dumb old smartphone cable in our stocking, too. But not so much if that cable happened to be the Bobine--a cable stuffed inside a metal gooseneck that doubles as a positionable tripod and dock. In addition to doing its part to reduce the dreaded cable clutter, the Bobine is handy for propping a phone up while cooking in the kitchen or while taking a group photo on the go. Available in two sizes, $25 and $30 respectively, for smartphones that use MicroUSB and for 30-pin connector iPhones.

The Cable Fondler

Nobody likes desktop cable clutter (except maybe the Grinch), and while the most fastidious of us have overcome it with precise arrangement and careful coiling, most computer users just end up tolerating the power cords and charging cables that snake messily along the back half of our desks. The Cable Fondler is a quick, cheap fix--a $15 piece of bamboo that sticks to the side of your desk, keeping your power cord and the rest out of the way--but still at arms reach. Get one here.

Mujjo Touch Screen Gloves

We still rely on our smartphones in the winter, but sometimes their touch screens don’t get along with our gloved fingers. Thankfully, the Dutch accessory outfit Mujjo is back this season with a new version of its well-regarded touch-screen-compatible gloves, redesigned to keep your hands warmer and fit them more snugly. The gloves, woven with conductive silver threads, now come in five colors. Grab a pair for €25, or about $33, on the company’s site.

EO Travel Luggage from Incase

Incase has been making cases for iPods, iPhones, and the rest as long as there have been iPods and iPhones to make cases for, and they’ve branched out to all sorts of other electronics along the way. But only recently did they release their first line of luggage, the EO Travel Collection, consisting of five protective pieces with an understated look and compartments galore. The line includes a duffel ($150), a backpack ($180), and three rolling suitcases, priced up to $300. Order on the Incase site.

EO Travel Luggage from Incase

The chiclet-style keyboard popularized by Apple’s MacBooks and copied widely by competitors marked a great step forward in terms of desktop cleanliness. Previously, prying the individual keys off your typing machine was like turning over a rock in the forest--there was no telling what sort of thriving ecosystem of junk you might discover underneath. But the Logitech Washable Keyboard K310 takes things a step further: It’s a keyboard you can soak in a tub of water (up to a foot) and even scrub with a bit of soap. Just don’t use that as an excuse to use it as a plate for your lunch.

EO Travel Luggage from Incase

With glass on both sides, the iPhone 4 (and 4S) is as slippery as it is fragile. For the clumsiest among us, though, there’s the Taktik, an angular smartphone case that’s essentially a Master Chief Halloween costume for your smartphone. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Taktik not only protects the edges of your iPhone but also adds a second layer of Gorilla Glass on top of the display, protecting it from drops while preserving its precision. Available for the iPhone 4 and 4S in a handful of colorways, starting at $125.

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  • Petra_10_2000

    Do not buy the Bobine charger!  Its cool design fooled me two months ago, so I bought it for my brother.  The thing became useless in two days -- the coil inside is too weak, so it won't hold the phone up, and the adapter (which is the correct adapter for the phone!) is loose and you literally have to hold the phone and align it correctly while it is charging.  Waste of $30!!!