Cake Divider

Put an end to the squabbling over who got the bigger piece of cake with this neato gadget, which divides the sweet into 6, 8, 10, or 12 perfectly equal slices. It’s a steal at $14.

The Porthole Infuser

After a mega-successful Kickstarter campaign that exceeded its fundraising goal by more than $700,000, the Porthole--a gorgeous glass infuser designed by the man behind superstar chef Grant Achatz’s custom dining pieces--is available for pre-order. Use it for making everything from cocktails and coffee to dressings and oils. You have a way better chance of reserving one of these $99 beauties than a table at Alinea this year.

Zing Anything bottle infuser

Infusing beverages with fruit is one of the easiest ways to impress guests. But it can take a long time to develop a deep flavor. Enter Zing Anything, an infuser with a bottom compartment that uses two sets of blades to reduce fruit to pulp, releasing the juices into water or vodka (there are separate versions for each). Pick one up here for $25.

Molecule-R's DIY molecular gastronomy kit

Know anyone who dreams of dousing cream with liquid nitrogen to transform it into a frozen dessert, or turning beet juice into beads of "caviar"? She can at least try her hand at the latter, with the help of this at-home molecular-gastronomy kit, containing the lab basics needed to emulsify, spherify, and gelify to her stomach’s content. Pick it up here for $58.95.


Serious bakers know that weighing dry ingredients is more accurate than simply measuring them in a cup. But scales can take up precious room in small kitchens. From Joseph Joseph, makers of a host of ingenious cooking tools, comes Triscale, an ultracompact digital scale that folds out to support a mixing bowl. Buy one here for $30.

Lékué ice cube tray

If you’ve been serving ice from regular old freezer trays and calling it "cubes," you’re guilty of a white lie. Those are hexahedrons. To right your geometric wrong, buy this silicone tray, which molds water into 19 perfect cubes. Available for $20.

Kebo bottle opener

If party-goers aren’t wowed by your cocktail-infusing talents, you may want to try impressing them with your ability to open a beer bottle with one hand--and we don’t mean by knocking off the cap on the edge of a table. The retro-inspired Kebo, Jordan Kushins writes, "not only opens your brew but also keeps the cap flat, rather than bending it backward like most other methods. That means you can stick it back on again if you can’t manage to drink your entire 12 ounces (or 40, depending on what kind of party you’re at." Yours for $24.95, and get free shipping if you order before December 20.

Twist whisk

As its name implies, this whisk flattens with the twist of its handle, to fit neatly inside tight kitchen drawers. Another bonus: It serves two functions, as both a balloon whisk, for whipping eggs into stiff peaks, and a flat whisk, for mixing sauces in shallow pans. It’s available from Sur La Table for $9.95 in either green or rainbow.

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