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10 Perfect Christmas GIFs To Send A Loved One

Christmas gifts? They’re so 2011. May 2012 be the year of the Christmas GIF.

Whether you’re religious or not, Christmas represents everything positive in the world. You get together with family. You give presents. You accept one another and smile. Meanwhile, the Internet … well, let’s just say it’s not always so positive. As soon as you leave Cute Overload, the Internet becomes a dark and cynical place.

SLAMta Claus, Paul Layzell

So what would happen if you mixed the essence of the Internet with the essence of Christmas? You’d either get a universe-destroying gravitational vortex, or you’d get this series of incredible Christmas GIFs.

Curated by artist Ryan Todd and built by EnjoyThis, Christmas GIFs is like an e-card site for festive heathens. It features a series of 51 different animated Christmas "cards" that you can send, maybe selectively, to friends and family.

"If you know me, you’d know I get super festive this time of year. Our tree goes up early, I have nonstop Christmas tunes playing on my headphones, and I try and milk the holiday season for all its worth," Todd tells Co.Design. "But more than Christmas, the main aim of the project is twofold: To create a space for professional animators and directors to produce something personal, experimentation, or just plain fun, and for illustrators and artists who may not have created anything animated before to take their first step into the world of moving image."

Santa in Disguise, Tony Triumph

The entire site screams of indie experimentation. Completely respectable artists have rendered everything from Bettie Page rotting away to a green skull to hot reindeer sex to more than a few frustrated Santas overwhelmed with the world’s insatiable appetite for toys. But the unifying theme isn’t vulgarity, nor is it Christmas; the connective tissue is truly a slice of modern culture, an ideological place and time celebrating the juxtaposition of traditional culture and a technological one. We should all embrace the Christmas GIF this year because, in the age of the Internet, who knows how long such a tradition will last?

If you’d like to post your own Christmas GIF, the site is accepting submissions. And may I be so bold as to point out: How can we call this a proper set of Christmas GIFs without a single Honey Boo Boo?

Email the cards here.

[Hat tip: It’s Nice That]

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  • Disqused_n_Disqusted

    Yo! ~


    Turning the sacred into the secular... That's what the world
    needs now -- de-Christification -- leading to de-humanization -- leading to
    de-ranged de-personalized de-structors -- as in Conn.


    Virtues are the basis for leadership, love, and every other

    human characteristic!~  SO, PLEASE don't try to
    "de-base" reverence for God!!!


    YES! Thank You! ~ NOT~! for the association of SEX, KILLERS,
    & LOST BADLY...}

    -- I thought that FAST CO. -- a creative, [now-formerly-?]
    inspiring, & profound design magazine had been able to "distance
    itself" from "blue" or any other "cheap-type humor",
    OR "promotional trick" -- for "impact"; -- now, I see that
    EVEN YOU are infected with the HOLLYWEIRDO VIRUS -- where anything goes {for
    entertainment}... being worse than AIDS -- as you've lost your spiritual,
    intellectual, and emotional {versus simply physical} VIRTUE-in-All Immune
    System -- against such deplorable, degrading, dreck!~

    -- encouraging any "leader-wannabee" to
    "dredge up utter lies, or innuendo, or "off-color journalism -- not
    just 'yellow'!" -- to "infect others'" [minds, hearts, and
    psyche]!  YES! -- it's this kind of material which absolutely causes the
    same kind of "carnage in Conn." ~ only, in a much more profound,
    fabric-of-society- altering way!~

    YOUR pitiful portrayal of the most SACRED OF HOLIDAYS -- as another
    "anything goes" romp in imagination, is related exactly to what Mr.
    David Barton of "Wallbuilders" has identified as the tendency of
    those who are evil, to instead of reforming themselves, attempt to "paint
    a different picture" of the "truly great"!~

    -- I had such a great opinion of you guys before I saw this... but then, again,
    I haven't been reading the mag. for the past few yrs., as I did somehow notice
    a "degradation" in content starting back then... so, let's just call
    this, "YOUR NEW, LOWER-THAN THE LAMBADA LOW!"  -- I never
    anticipated you could or would "Limbo" dance to such a
    "lowering-of-the-bar" standard...  What happened to your
    VALUE-able "stick with Virtues editor"-- around 2005, or '06? -- Yes,
    I can easily see now, that s/he's "long gone"~!  I could
    understand, if you got someone out of Hollywood's sewer as their replacement~!~

    (p.s. -- if you have any idea what Christmas "should mean" to the
    future Washington's, Lincolns, and Lord-revering latter-day leaders... check
    out one who can still "sing His praise" (inspiring people to get
    their minds out of the gutter)!:

    Thanks!~ and Please get your "GRIN....ch" out of everyone else's
    Christmas celebration/worship -- yes, it's the LORD's Birthday -- please
    refrain to defame HIM!