Jenni Sparks, a U.K.-based Illustrator, created this hand-drawn map of New York City (well, three boroughs of it).

Sparks was commissioned by Evermade to create the map after her similar map of London was a huge success on the site.

There are thousands of individual buildings and notes on the map, ranging from strip clubs to historic landmarks.

A close-up of the tip of Manhattan and the edge of Brooklyn shows the beginning of the East River.

Liberty Island, the home of the titular statue, includes a bubble of the iconic words inscribed at her base.

A detail of the West Village and TriBeCa includes the eponymous film festival.

There are plenty of notes around Central Park and Midtown.

Sparks also pays close attention to Williamsburg, pointing out bars and boutiques that are likely to be gone within a few years.

It’s easy to forget how much history has happened in Manhattan--Sparks has done a great job balancing the old and new.

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A Gloriously Detailed, Hand-Drawn Map Of NYC

Illustrator Jenni Sparks spent months crafting this map of the Big Apple, including everything from strip clubs to historical monuments.

Maps are, by nature, impersonal. They’re designed to last for years and be read and understood by millions of people. Yet there’s something lovely about visiting a friend in a foreign city and receiving a hand-drawn map, usually scribbled on a napkin, marked with their favorite coffee shops or kebab stands. That’s how Jenni Sparks’s maps feel.

Click to enlarge.

Sparks, who is based in London, says she has "an undying love of hand-drawn type," which doesn’t exactly lend itself to cartography. Even so, maps have become her wheelhouse over the past year, after a hand-drawn map of London commissioned by Evermade went viral. It included hundreds of buildings, celebrity birthplaces, local markets, social stereotypes, favorite pubs—things you’d like to know about a place you’re visiting but won’t find on a single map.

For many who bought the map, it begged the question what a similar version of New York would look like. So the admittedly Anglophilic Evermade bit the bullet and commissioned Sparks to create an equivalent map of New York. She finished it in December after weeks of work. A look at the map shows why: There are thousands of buildings and nearly as many notes pointing out things like the African burial grounds in Lower Manhattan and the townhouse where Ghostbusters was filmed. Sparks has even done a bang-up job with Brooklyn—I can see where I get my haircut and where I eat burgers on her map.

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The maps are for sale on Evermade for about $120.

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