DoneNotDone is an app that allows you to list movies/music/books that you’d like to experience.

Its interface is minimal. You’re basically either adding media or browsing what you haven’t seen yet.

Within a few moments, keyword searching will pile up your queue.

What’s neat is the social component (which plugs into Facebook and Twitter). If you and a friend share a "not done" piece of media, you’ll see that in the interface.

Sadly, there’s no way to ping a friend to watch it together.

Additionally, the iPhone app has a web-based interface. So your must-see lists are stored in the cloud.


Yes! An App For Clearing Out Your Netflix Queue

Have a movie you’ve been meaning to watch? This app gets some friends involved to make that happen.

We all have it, that list of 25+ movies in our Netflix queue. If only we watched those foreign-language films and documentaries on extremely esoteric topics, we’d be slightly better versions of ourselves—more knowledgeable and empathetic.

DoneNotDone is a new web/iPhone app with the singular goal of getting to the bottom of the movies you mean to watch, books you mean to read, and albums you mean to listen to. It’s basically a to-do list for media consumption, and it sucks in your Facebook and Twitter friends to help you reach your media-consumption goals.

You start by typing in whatever you want to see (I tested by adding the 2013 Best Picture nominees). The backend pulls a thumbnail of the photo, and you tag it either "done" or "not done." If you liked it, you can add any number of hearts, and there’s a space for a note-to-self. But that’s basically it. You’re left with two lists (done and not done, naturally), sortable by media.

So far, all this app offers is another queue, more evidence of your investment in trash TV rather than meaningful content. DoneNotDone’s unique aspect is social. After sucking in any friends who have the app installed, you can see movies/books/music from your list that others want to experience, too.

It’s a neat metric. But as Ars Technica’s Jacqui Cheng—who also wants to see Lincoln—points out, there’s no way to facilitate things from here, no button to be like, "Oh, let’s go see Lincoln together!" All the same, part of what’s strangely appealing about DoneNotDone is its potential for peer pressure. My Netflix queue is a collection of skeletons in my closet. But if people actually saw that I’d been procrastinating watching that documentary on North Korea*, maybe I’d go watch it. You can dig up someone’s library of information fairly deep within the interface. I wonder, what would this app feel like if our shortcomings were shared front and center?

DoneNotDone is available now for iOS, or you can try it on the web. It’s free.

Download it here.

[Hat tip: Ars Technica]

* That documentary is actually A State of Mind. And I actually have seen it, and it’s great.

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  • Nupkydesign

    I signed up. Love that it is encouraging us to be more social! fantastic idea! but it misses a lot of things. For one, the speed of the site needs to improve. Secondly, once a friend is added, There is no way of seeing which movies me and my friend still can see together except than by clicking each entry individually.. tedious. I hope that this gets resolved into an elegant structuring design that shows me cool things in my to do list that others are also interested in doing. Also, some clever integration of other services like IMDB, netflix and pathe cinema schedules could be money for them, and nice for us. win-win?