Cloudandco was founded in 2010 in Seoul, Korea by Yeongkyu Yoo, and the company works on projects that include branding, industrial design, and UI design.

The bottle humidifier is a new, elegantly sleek collaboration with Korean brand elevenplus.

The humidifier has a matte plastic exterior and thick glass bottom that allows the user to easily check on the water level.

Packaging for a mobile digital pen by XO.

Floating lighting for Japan Creative.

Floating Lighting for Japan Creative.

Water Block, the Grand Prize Winner at the Jeju Premium Water Bottle Design Competition last year.

Laputa’s floating hard drive.

The floating hard drive for Laputa.

The Muji Enjoy( ) Energy Exhibition at the company’s Yurakucho store in 2010.

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The Elegant, Beautiful Simplicity Of Cloudandco

The Korean design firm is building up a diverse portfolio of beautifully pared-down work.

In the few short years since its 2010 launch, Seoul-based design firm cloudandco has built up an expansive portfolio that spans branding, industrial design, UI, and more. "We keep our design as pure as possible, and eliminate unnecessary things," Creative Director Eunyong Jeon tells Co.Design.

The studio is the brainchild of Yeongkyu Yoo—former creative director of consumer electronics giant iriver, one-time senior designer at Nike, and now at Microsoft—whose belief in a holistic connection between cloudandco and client has become one of the company’s most essential tenets. "Yoo thought about how he could deliver the beauty of simplicity to a commercial market successfully," Jeon says. "And this consideration continues."

Recent works like the elegantly pared-down Bottle Humidifier for elevenplus reveal a lineage that nods to masters like Dieter Rams and Kenya Hara, both of whom have greatly influenced the spirit of cloudandco’s oeuvre. "Product design should not be too decorative without meaning or function," Jeon says. And though collaborations have included bold-faced names ranging from Samsung to Muji to Coca Cola, Jeon and the team have begun to slowly shift their focus in order to maintain the balance between inspired challenge and quality control. "We’ve learned that the different visions and decision-making hierarchy at the bigger companies could discourage our designers, who should be motivated and creative, and minimize the effect of our output," he says. "We look for partners who can actualize our thoughts and ideas. or we accept a project from a client who has a similar design philosophy and vision in order to achieve synergy."

Ultimately, Jeon plans to extend their reach into furniture, ceramics, and environmental and non-profit projects, to further "contribute our abilities to society."

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  • Todd

    As the owner of a design and branding firm, I am also an evangelist of the Occam's Razor, less is more design philosophy. However, I do not find anything incredibly revolutionary about Cloudandco's approach. Their portfolio is common for a minimal design firm that stems from Scandinavian design and the legendary Dieter Rams. Even Johnny Ives has been inspired by Dieter Rams through birth of many Apple products. Issaac Newton says it best in stating that "If I have seen further it is by standing on the sholders of Giants."