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Bang With Friends: The Beginning Of A Sexual Revolution On Facebook?

In the era of the overshare, Bang With Friends allows discreet conversation (and sex) with your entire social network.

Its three creators are anonymous college students. They claim to have built the app in just two hours. Yet Bang With Friends is the simplest, most disruptive app Facebook has seen in a long time.

The premise is so obvious, you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of it first. You install the app, then the app lists your Facebook friends of the opposite sex. You click if you’d like to "bang" them, and no one ever knows . . . that is, unless one of those friends installed the app and elected to bang you, too. Bang With Friends makes finding a mate as easy as window shopping on Pinterest.

"We wanted to keep it simple," one of the creators tells Co.Design. "See your friends, choose your potential bangs, and then get notified privately via email when you have a match. Wham, bam, thank you new friend with benefits!"

With my wife’s permission, I took Bang With Friends for a spin. After installing the app, I was greeted by a Pinterest-y wall of potential hook-ups: An old co-worker. A friend from high school. A cousin. A minor. A dude. My wife. Lots of my friends’ wives. My mother-in-law, but, thank god, at least not my mom (apparently, there’s at least one filter at work here). With the touch of a button, my vote was cast. I opted just for my wife—really! Part of me hopes she accepts. Part of me hopes she never experiences the oddity of seeing her friends and relatives as a list of potential DTFs.

A few smarter filters would no doubt, make the app less inherently awkward (it’s hard to believe that family members should make the list). But then again, filters imply a certain level of judgement. And if Bang With Friends is anything, it’s a nonjudgmental corner of your social, digital life in which you can let your basest impulses run wild. For however frat-boy-centric the app may be marketed, it’s solving one of the biggest problems in social networking: How do you have an intimate conversation in a room full of your relatives? And how do you leverage all this amazing connectivity to take a leap of faith, without leaving a permanent, devastating trail of evidence?

Since launching about a week ago, the team claims to have matched 10,000 couples, and due to overwhelming user demand, they’re working on an update that will bring LGBT matching. A mobile app is in the works, too, but they wouldn’t comment as to their current state of funding.

Bang With Friends

[Hat tip: FWD]

Read more about Bang With Friends’s second rev.

[Image: Couple via Shutterstock]

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  • ChipsAhoyMcCoy

    Would work if I actually had friends on facebook. Let alone female friends.

  • Billy Bob Hornton

    It's all fun and games until someone hacks it and shares a big list of who banged whom, complete with tags.

  • PuzzleSolver

    Ha! I thought your last name was Thornton for a moment, I was about to say that you have nothing to worry about with Angelina Jolie on your bang list, but eh it's Horton :) No doubt this hacking could actually happen! 
    In my opinion, the list should be public info, that way we know who are the sluts of the community.. although sex is cool, the app should also come with a disclaimer that states it comes with certain STD's when downloaded.

  • John Hogan

    What about just asking, ya know, with your voice? We need technology because why, we're afraid to talk to the opposite sex?

  • sexxxpert

    This is why about half of the tests I run on people are positive for herpes....on all different parts of the body. ENJOY! There's no cure.

  • Lala-star

    HOly shiz! Never mind the new app, how did Mr. Clean hook up with Ruth Robinson! She is bonerific, he went out of his league balls deep!

  • N_Jessen

    Although one would have to be careful with something like this (testing/protection), it's just a new way of doing what has always been done in free societies (and occasionally in more restrictive ones): Mainly the pursuit of sexual release by those not 'currently' in committed love relationships. But that doesn't mean they never will be.

  • Casey

    This is like a sex-only version of  That site connects you with people who have mutual interest anonymously, but its more for the "love" aspect than the sex aspect.

  • Tacheles

    Thats what the world mostly needed, now we can bang everyone we want , yay! No need to wait until my girlfriend ist rdy, just go to FB and see who wants to bang.. :-)

  • Tacheles

    Even further this ist what the world will become, no complicated friendship needed anymore, no relationships, all that shit gone finally, just find a nice looking girl bang her and forget about her, next time you'll have another one. Same the oposite direction ;-) Great

  • Major Tom

    The basic instinct of men will allways be the final goal of any hig tech technology. Sad to see how everything gets to this level in the very end.