Mango is a cellphone case for women (and more specifically, moms).

It offers hands-free viewing of content at an optimal angle.

But why we dig it is its ergonomic specificity.

It tailors our cellphones--an omnitool--to actually work in more parts of our lives.

And it begs the question, now that cellphones are used in so many diverse parts of our lives, are there more important concerns we can have in terms of ease of use?

Could we, not just carry a cellphone around easily, but use it better with ergonomics that match a situation?

Could we, not just carry a cellphone around easily, but use it better with ergonomics that match a situation?

An iPhone Case For Moms Questions The Value Of Portability

Are ergonomic phones the future? Or does the future hold highly specific ergonomic phones that take into account their environment?

On paper, Id:Ip’s Mango is the ultimate iPhone case for moms. It’s ergonomic, designed specifically for use with one or fewer hands. An angled back molds to your shoulder when talking on the phone. When placed on a table, it’s perfectly tilted for browsing the web. And huge finger holes mean grabbing it securely from any position is relatively simple.

"Mango was only designed for women. Especially those who carry big bags all the time such as mom," id:ip’s Min Kim explains. "We did some research and found that they needed protection for their cellphones from babies and an-easy-to-find phone from their bags."

But despite this gender-specific sales pitch, I would actually disagree. I would argue that the Mango isn’t designed for any certain sex, but rather, it’s designed for the expanding use cases of the typical mobile phone. Stowed in a purse, a mobile phone needs to be distinguishable by feel. Grabbed by a baby, a mobile phone needs to be durable enough to be dropped five feet. Holding a baby, a mobile phone needs to mold to a shoulder.

All of this accommodation is for extremely specific situations, and so Mango brings up an interesting tacit point: Our phones were designed for portability, but more and more, we’re using our phones in scenarios where portability isn’t the chief necessity. Why do you think we’ve seen smartphone screens grow from 3 to 4 to 5 inches in size? However absurd Samsung’s giant phones felt at first, they clearly scratched a market itch, one looking for the quality of experience in multiple situations rather than the portability of the experience to travel to those situations.

Mango asks, should the shape of one’s phone change based upon setting? Almost unequivocally, the answer is yes. That is, if we can figure out a convenient enough way to pack up all those cases, especially if we aren’t carrying a purse.

The Mango is available now for $25.

Order it here.

[Hat tip: Yanko Design]

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  • Curious

    How do i order this thing in the states...the link takes me to a korean site.

  • Alice Pattinson

    I dont know but this iPhone cover is a bit awkward. Maybe i can use this at home but not outdoors. And I'm not yet a mom lol! :D Maybe I'll get my mom one, I'm happy with the Femme Beautiful Life case I got from MiniSuit ..

  • Zac Parker

    I can see why they are targeting moms, this totally wouldn't be useful to men at all. I  mean, Women are the only people that would ever want to do something with their hands and talk on the phone at the same time. Also, men HATE browsing the web with their phone at a perfect angle. They greatly prefer using one hand to hold to phone and the other to flick around. But not on Pinterest! THAT'S FOR WOMEN!!

  • A Woman

    Not to sound feminist, but why did they make a phone specifically for women, then call it the Mango? Man-Go? Man-go-phone? I mean, WTF? Aren't we woMEN plagued enough by men? 

  • Sam

    I myself have a mango plantation. But most curiously, in spanish mango stands for handle, like the one in a door, a bike or saucepan, basically a device to hold things. I don't think it was intentional, but it makes sense anyway!

  • A mango

    You are definitely reading to far into it. A mango is a fruit and has nothing to do with gender. That is all.