Happy Valentine’s Day, From Ideo

Who needs chocolates when you have a video from one of the preeminent design consultancies in the world?

Ah, young love, there’s nothing like it. A nervous note is sent across the class, and suddenly awkward stares give way to furtive glances. It’s hard to forget the warmth of that first chalk caress smudging across your injection-molded plastic back. What? You thought we were talking about people? Pft. People in love. How plebeian!

Wishing a happy Valentine’s Day to beautiful seats everywhere, Ideo designer Elger Oberwelz made this stop-motion video featuring their Node chair. On one hand, it’s an adorable way to celebrate the holiday. On the other, it’s a whole thesis on how swiveling ergonomics can marry with student hormones.

Just don’t attempt to send the clip to your loved one in place of traditional gifts. Because we hear Oberwelz is working on a sequel between two disgruntled loveseats that are forced to sleep alone.

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  • LIB

    The video would have been better if they had stuck to drawing on chairs. My first thought was "man, what time and effort went into this video" thinking it was really someone animating with chalk and dry-erase on chairs. But when the butterfly takes off, it makes you question the entire video. Any animator worth his weight in sand could animate lines on video of a chair digitally...

  • oblik

    Who cares about subscribing. I saw the chair before and as a oversized designer (6.3"-lean) I don't like it. We tall people suffer in that kind of contraptions. This will contribute (if introduced to schools) to many scoliosis. This could be resolved in two ways (freebie to IDEO): two or three sizes of the chair or with adjustable desk (not just in-out) and back support. This is not a roller coaster seat. 


    Ah, I'm not the only one. Guess I'll wait until this is fixed, if I even care by then.

  • Andrew

    So I get to this article from a link in the email newsletter I'm subscribed to. Only to get a message saying I need to subscribe again to read it?