KAKKOii--Japanese for "cool/awesome"--has introduced WOW to the ever-expanding portable speaker market.

WOW stands for With Out Wires, and these little rubber gizmos will stream tunes from any Bluetooth device.

They were designed to be taken on the go, and willing to withstand a little rough-and-tumble travel.

But they’d work just as well at home.

WOW is rechargeable, so no need for batteries.

Available in blue, black, white, and red from neo-utility (with yellow coming soon!).

A Cute Rubber Speaker For On-The-Go Jamming

WOW—With Out Wires—makes it easy to stream tunes, no cords or batteries required.

For all too long, enjoying music beyond earbuds meant relying on the tinny sound from a computer or smartphone, or connecting to speakers that were hopelessly square. The times, they are a changin’—in a big way—and portable speakers have got to be one of the fastest growing sectors of design goodies. Part of the appeal of this new wave is how easy these gadgets are to interact with: playful without being precious, they’re created to be touched, tossed around, toted along, and truly handled without fear of breaking the tech that makes them perform so well.

Antonio Arevalo’s London-based KAKKOii is the latest company to get in on the audio action with WOW (With Out Wires), a cute, mini-megaphone-styled device. WOW’s rubber casing means it’s super durable, and while it was created with on-the-go excursions in mind—think a sunny afternoon spent lolling at the beach or picnicking in the park—it would also work just as well around the house to, you know, set a sexy mood during dinner, play a blissed-out bath-time mix, or jam on high during a raging kegger (people still have keg parties, right?). Plus, they’re rechargeable, which means no need to futz around making sure there are batteries on hand.

At some point, perhaps, we’ll reach critical mass and the current glut of portable speakers will organically recede to a trickle; not yet, however. So get these babies while they’re hot and start blasting your Bieber or Big Star or Bobby D.

Pick up your very own WOW—in red, black, blue, or white—from neo-utility for a cool $75 (yellow will be available in March 2013).

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